July 20, 2024


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Wadham Gardens by Ohra Studio

Wadham Gardens by Ohra Studio

Wadham Gardens by London-based Ohra Studio perfectly exemplifies the less is more approach. Tired of being surrounded by excess, the clients enlisted Ohra for their signature aesthetic, which combines minimalism, soothing colour palettes and natural ecological materials while emphasizing simplicity and comfort. Together, they focused on the essentials, creating a light and airy space that perfectly captures the modern London spirit.
Initially, the project team, led by Ochra Studio CEO Zlata Rybchenko, focused on the clients’ lifestyle, ensuring elements that were integral to this (such as their piano for home musical events) and those essential to the interior design were incorporated. The result is a calm and cosy atmosphere that serves as a stage for the owners’ beautiful collection of art and furniture, such as the Philippe Hurel Yumi Sofa designed by Laurène B. Tardrew & Romain Jourdan, the marble coffee table by Stahl+Band, the Menu Androgyne Dining Table, Flos Wireline Suspension Lamp and a painting by Oliver Watts.

Wooden elements are integrated throughout the project to add warmth and character, with American walnut panelling helping to create a sense of privacy without sacrificing natural light.

The living room, kitchen and dining area feature concrete floors, while the bedrooms and family rooms are finished with a warmer palette of wood to bring a sense of comfort. Crafted from natural materials, the kitchen exudes minimalism, purposely absent of any non-essential items. That way it can be filled with what’s most important to the owners – food, guests and conversations. The kitchen connects with the main space of the living area, which is divided into two parts – the piano area and the relaxation zone near the fireplace.

The restrained material palette and neutral colours create a calming, tranquil atmosphere, while the carefully curated selection of art and furniture provides a subtle visual interest. Wooden elements and clean lines add a sense of warmth and richness, and large windows allow natural light to flood the space.

By paring down the owner’s belongings to what they truly love and need, Ohra Studio has created a home that not only reflects their style and personality but one that feels both sophisticated and inviting.