July 17, 2024


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The Best Ways to Prepare for Your Siding Replacement

The Best Ways to Prepare for Your Siding Replacement

Home with James Hardie siding installed in a gray color

Having siding installed is an exciting process, because you know your home will look fresh and attractive. But you may not know exactly what to expect. 

Fortunately, the process of siding installation is straightforward. With a little preparation, you can ensure your home and family are ready for what our expert crew will do when we arrive to install your siding.

Prepare Your Property

Once you decide on the date for your siding installation, you’ll want to take steps ahead of time so that your property is ready when the crew arrives. While these steps may or may not apply to your home and property, be sure to ask your siding contractor to know what they recommend for your home. 

Exterior Tasks

The installers will need space to work, and you don’t want to risk inadvertent damage to your property. Plan to:

  • Trim trees and bushes away from exterior walls so they won’t get in the way or scratch your siding.
  • Move anything that currently blocks access to exterior walls, such as firewood, garden hoses, toys, etc.
  • Clear away breakables, such as patio furniture and planters.
  • Cut grass short to make it easier for the siding team to spot and safely remove nails and other debris.
  • Park away from your home to avoid accidental damage to your vehicles.

Interior Tasks

Siding installation can cause interior walls to tremble. The shaking may be minor, but it can still affect your possessions. 

  • Remove wall hangings, especially breakables such as photo frames.
  • Shift furnishings safely away from walls.

Plan For The Needs Of Family And Pets

While siding installation happens outside the home, it can certainly affect your home’s interior—so it’s wise to make appropriate plans. Some suggestions include:

  • Bring pets inside. The commotion can scare cats and dogs, so bring them into a safe space in your home.
  • Keep children away from the work site to prevent potential injuries.
  • Expect noise. It’s safe to remain inside during siding installation, but be ready for the sounds of hammering and power tools as the crew works.
  • Your home’s comfort may be impacted. As old siding and insulation are removed, your house is more exposed to the elements and may feel somewhat warmer or colder until the work is finished.
  • Make arrangements if you work from home. Installation can get noisy and busy, affecting your work from home routines. You may wish to use a co-working space, the local library, or a coffee shop as a temporary office.

Be Ready For Deliveries

A day or two before your siding installation takes place, you may get a few deliveries to your home so that our team can hit the ground running when we arrive. This includes:

  • Siding products. Your new siding panels and trim may be delivered ahead of time. Let the driver know where you would like these materials placed.
  • Dumpster. You’ll want this situated in your driveway so it’s easy for installers to use and doesn’t block street traffic. If you’re concerned about marks on your driveway, ask for the dumpster to be placed atop blocks.

Enjoy a Straightforward Siding Installation with John McCarter Construction

Following this list will help protect your family, pets, and personal belongings. Getting your siding installed by our team at John McCarter will help protect your home Ann Arbor and Rochester Hills area home’s exterior!

If you know you need new siding, but are still looking for a trustworthy company, we invite you to reach out to our team for a free siding quote.