July 20, 2024


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Get your garage ready for holiday prep!

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I know it’s early, but we have a crazy Fall schedule so, I’m trying my best to prep for the holiday season sooner rather than later. I had been thinking of ways to get ahead of everything and then an email from The Home Depot popped up and it was like kismet. They reached out to work with me on some content with a holiday prep focus! I got to brainstorming and came up with a fun idea that will not only work for us now but also be essential during the holidays.

I think a lot of times a garage space tends to be overlooked in a home, but if you are lucky enough to have a garage especially one that connects to your house it’s a great space to use as an additional room and not just a catch-all for odds and ends. The keys to making it work are getting organized, using vertical space, and simply blocking out time to tackle the project. It’s not all about the pretty in a garage space. It’s all about the function and if I can sneak in some pretty as well then we hit it out of the ballpark.

Here is the space we were working on:

Get your garage ready for holiday prep!

Now it wasn’t crazy messy, but we weren’t utilizing the space to its potential. It was filled with summer items that didn’t need to be out all year round. It was the perfect area to give a facelift!

Step 1: The most annoying but necessary step is clearing up the space and starting with an empty area. It’s going to take a little time because you need to store items you no longer want in this space. I swear it’s worth it. Just keep going!


Step 2: The floor was totally fine but truly nothing to write home about. Just a simple concrete floor, but I wanted this space to feel like an additional room. So, I wanted something on the floor to give it a little life, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money or time on it. While I was shopping at Home Depot I went to the flooring section to peruse my options and I found that they sold remnants of vinyl sheet flooring. It was the perfect size and only $49! It rolled out just like a rug, but it’s wipeable which is key in a garage.

Step 3: We made the framing of a wall and added a pegboard to it. This way if we ever change things up in this space it’s easy to remove it and move it elsewhere. I was adamant about adding pegboard because it provided us with vertical storage which is crucial in a small space. Why go out and take up precious floor space when you can go up and use the walls.


Step 4: Storage pieces! Everything needs to have a home. I’m famous for making crap bags around my house. What is a crap bag? Well, when I find things around the house that belong to my husband, and I don’t know where their proper home is, they go in a crap bag. I don’t want to throw it out because the items might actually be useful, but I don’t know where they belong. I do know they don’t belong on top of a nightstand, left on the dining room table, or on the kitchen counter. You get the idea! In investing in storage pieces you will now have a home for everything! For this project, we received a Husky mobile workbench and a Husky tall tool chest along with storage totes.


Isn’t she pretty! Yes, my garage is a girl! My husband was so excited to take all of his tools out and organize them in one place. Check out all of that vertical storage space with the pegboard!


As you can tell he clearly loves Ryobi products. He bought one tool and loved the quality of it that from then on all of his tools needed to be Ryobi. He loves to recommend gifting their 4 in 1 tool combo set. It’s an amazing deal with 4 tools and 2 chargers. It’s a great way to add to your tool arsenal. He has also been heavily hinting that he wouldn’t mind being gifted a Ryobi ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless Compact 3/8 in. Right Angle Drill and a Ryobi ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless Compact Cut-Off Tool because they are must-haves for home improvement and DIY lovers!


I was insanely jealous once I saw it all set up! I mean all of those drawers and the peg board were just screaming for me to touch them! So, I did a little takeover, because it is the perfect home for my holiday prep headquarters!

Check it out!


I mean, come on! It was meant to be a gift wrapping station!!!!!! I can hide all of the gifts that need to be wrapped in the storage totes above and then the Husky pieces will house my tissue paper, gift tags, bows, tape, scissors and so much more! I’m in heaven!


Everything has a home. I’m prepared for all sorts of gifts even non-holiday-related ones. I also stocked it with shipping supplies for those gifts that have to travel to the recipient. 

When I saw how pretty everything looked I knew I had to share it with friends and family! It’s now the perfect space to host a holiday gift wrapping party! You can easily set up a hot cocoa station with mugs to keep that midnight oil burning.


For the snacks, I went all out with the sweets!



It’s a fun way to hang out with friends during a crazy busy season for all. Everyone gets some wrapping done and you can chit chat the night away.


Are you ready to host your own holiday wrapping party? I can’t wait to wrap up my favorite gift for this season!


My absolute favorite gift is a LOCKLY smart lock. We recently installed it on our front door and it’s a game changer. We just need to use our fingerprint to get scanned into the house or use our phone to unlock it. Everyone in the family got their finger scanned so the boys can let themselves in after school and I will get an alert letting me know who unlocked the door! Genius! Every house should have one. As someone whose keys are always in the deep dark depth of my purse this is a game changer.


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