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Top 10 Reasons To Move To Middleboro, MA

Top 10 Reasons To Move To Middleboro, MA

Middleborough is a town in the county of Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 24,495 at the 2021 mid-year census. If you’re considering whether moving here is the right choice for you and your family, we’ve listed below the top 10 reasons to move to Middleboro, MA.

1. The Schools Are Excellent

The schools in Middleborough are excellent for several reasons. First, the town is very supportive of education, and residents consistently vote to fund and maintain schools at high levels. This allows the schools in the region to attract and retain talented teachers, offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, and maintain small class sizes.

Second, schools in Middleborough benefit from strong community support, and strong parent involvement is conducive to a positive learning environment.

Educational institutions in Middleboro range from PreK to elementary, middle, and high schools.

2. There’s Plenty of Scenery and Nature Trails To Enjoy

Middleborough, Massachusetts, is a scenic town located in Plymouth County. The town is known to have several parks, including the Middleboro park department and Pratt Farm. Carver Pond is a popular spot for fishing and hiking.

Middleborough also has many nature trails, making it a great place to enjoy the outdoors. In addition to its natural beauty, Middleborough is also located near several historical sites, including the New England Antiquarian Society and the Old Colony Historical Society.

3. It’s A Safe Community

Middleborough is considered a safe community to live in. The town is located in Plymouth County, with a crime rate of 8.49 per 1,000 residents (Crime Grade, 2022), one of the lowest crime rates in the state.

In addition, Middleborough is home to several law enforcement agencies, including the Middleborough Police Department and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office.

These agencies work together to protect the community and provide educational programs and resources that help residents stay informed and prevent crime.

Finally, Middleborough is a close-knit community where neighbors look out for one another. This sense of community helps deter criminals and make everyone feel safer.

4. The Cost of Living Is Affordable

The following factors contribute to the affordability of living in Middleborough, Massachusetts:

First, the town is located near Boston, so residents can easily access high-paying jobs in the central metropolitan area. In addition, the cost of housing in Middleborough is significantly lower than in Boston proper.

Middleborough is also home to several businesses and industries that provide good-paying jobs for residents. As a result, residents in Middleborough can afford to live well on a modest salary thanks to a combination of these variables.

5. Easy Access To Boston and Other Major Cities

Middleborough is centrally located in Massachusetts, just a short drive from Boston, Plymouth, and Cape Cod. It is approximately 35 miles (56 km) south of Boston and 25 miles (40 km) east of Providence, Rhode Island.

In addition, Middleborough is served by two major highways, I-495 and I-195, making it easy to get around the state.

6. There Are Great Restaurants and Bars In Town

The restaurant and bar scene is a thriving one for several reasons. Firstly, the town is home to a diverse population with varied culinary tastes. This provides a broad customer base for eateries to cater to. In addition, Middleborough is located in a scenic area and is popular with tourists throughout the year.

It provides restaurants and bars an opportunity to serve the local community as well as out-of-town visitors.

Finally, the town has a strong tradition of supporting local businesses. This helps create a positive environment for restaurant and bar owners to thrive.

7. The People Are Friendly and Welcoming

One of the things that make Middleborough, Massachusetts, such a special place is the friendliness and welcome of its people. It’s easy to feel at home here, whether you’re a long-time resident or just visiting for the first time. There’s a sense of community that you won’t find in many other places.

People are quick to smile and say hello and always willing to lend a helping hand. If you need directions, somebody is sure to stop and give you tips (and maybe even offer to show you the way).

That’s just the kind of place Middleborough is – a friendly, welcoming community where everybody looks out for one another. As a result, this is a wonderful location to call home.

8. It’s A Great Place To Raise A Family

Middleborough is a great place to raise a family for various reasons. First of all, the town is located near several excellent schools, both public and private. In addition, Middleborough offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for children of all ages.

There are several parks and playgrounds for families to enjoy and plenty of avenues for outdoor recreation. The town is also home to various businesses and restaurants that cater to families.

The icing on the cake is its relatively low crime rate.

All these factors combine to make Middleborough an ideal place to raise a family.

9. The Weather Is Great

Middleborough enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. The average temperature throughout the year is 9.7 degrees Celsius (49.5 degrees Fahrenheit).

Middleborough also enjoys a moderate amount of rainfall and snowfall each year, which helps to keep the town green and lush. And on sunny days, there can’t be any place better than Middlesbrough.

10. A Great Place to Start A Business

When it comes to starting a business, location is everything. And Middleborough, Massachusetts, is the perfect place to put down roots. The town offers a thriving business community with ample opportunities for networking and growth.

Additionally, Middleborough is home to several leading universities and research institutions, providing a talent pool of highly skilled workers. The town also offers a variety of incubators and accelerators, which can provide critical resources for startups.

And with access to major highways and public transportation, Middleborough is easy to reach from anywhere in the region.

The Takeaway

Deciding on a place to move can often be a difficult task. But our list of the top ten reasons to move to Middleboro will help you make an easy decision.

The town offers an exceptional quality of life, with plenty of things to do and see. Additionally, Middleboro is a great place to raise a family or start a business. And with its temperate climate and beautiful setting, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen to make Middleboro their home.

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