May 18, 2024


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Wish ATL Is Reopening With New ‘Remix’ Design

The doors of famed Atlanta sneaker boutique Wish ATL have reopened, and longtime customers will be treated to a whole new look the retailer has named Wish Remix.

The company said Wish Remix — which is located in Atlanta’s Little Five Points neighborhood — was inspired by its “15 years of creative collaboration with Atlanta’s streetwear and sneakerhead communities” and “builds on the notion of the remix in music,” meaning its reimagined and includes new elements.

The new-look door, which was designed by Chris Benfield of Benfield Partners, features skate park-inspired kinked rails and flat bars for apparel and accessories and 55,000 shoelaces woven into a perforated metal wall to resemble broadcast television static, which is the backdrop for snapback hats. Product will be showcased on custom steel, bronze and suede hanging racks, and modular wall panels are installed to reveal future collaborations with artists (which currently are occupied by graphics created by local artist Sage Guillory).

Much like the original store, it now features a refreshed “shoe library,” a staple of the prior store. The new “shoe library” now features 10,000 books that form a stairway, a nod to the building’s history as the Carnegie library. Also, it features clay dioramas by artist Cindy Hsu that are made to look like a shoe design studio and production factory, and the stairs bring the consumer down into a “sneaker vault.”

The Gallery by Wish next to Wish Remix has also reopened, which will now be the home of exhibitions for both local and international artists. Music, fine arts, fashion and other events will be hosted there. Once inside, consumers will be treated to an Outkast mural that was created by Jeks.

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