June 20, 2024


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Plant days with bergs potter

Plant days with bergs potter

Hello, hello it’s been a while again, but I am back with some images we created for the Bergs Potter anniversary book. Such an honor to be asked to capture their beautiful Simona pots in our home and garden a while ago now, but you know me – always behind schedule. We have been selling these pots over in our lifestyle store The Future Kept for a few years now and after styling them for our own site the wonderful team at Bergs asked us to create some more photos for them.

We jumped at the chance, of course, to work with all of our favourite elements, soil, bulbs, flowers, beautiful vintage-style pots, wild gardening and leafy botanical styling – SO MUCH FUN. I hope you’ll enjoy today’s little botanical pick me up.

I have lots more to share, the last two years have no doubt been a wild ride for the whole globe, and we did not escape the highs, lows, burnout, emotional and physical. So over the next few weeks, I hope to actually actualise my empty portfolio, share a recent photography work trip in the Bavarian mountains, some images I took for Angela Maynard’s new book, the home and apartment created by local interior heroes, a few lovely pics from a Somerset wedding (if the old out of date film in the camera worked), more pots as we have been capturing them through the seasons, some corners of our home that has been chaotic, to say the least, and our garden that has basically been uprooted by foxes, squirrels, and blackbirds in our busy absence.

Thanks for stopping by, it means the world! See you soon x