June 20, 2024


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flower days – things that grew in may

flower days - things that grew in may

Flower days and things that grew in may. A shelfie to share all the best blooms that were in the garden this late spring. From fragile poppies with tissue paper petals to tough pom poms of chive flowers. Bladder campion on wiry stems and sweetly scented sweet peas, there is calendula in abundance and an explosion of sweet rocket, arcs of campanula and trails of custard coloured nasturtiums, vanilla scented Nemesia, autumn-sown snapdragons in apple blossom pink and a handful of rattling brizia to top it all off.

The growing space we created last year is full of green leaves and new shoots, so much more in bud waiting to open and unfold, the roses are blooming on the arches and in the beds wildly now. Time allowing I will be back soon and my next post will be a tour of the cottage garden and greenhouse to see it now, what is growing, and compare it to last year.

But for today, these are the things that grew in May, all my favourites gathered together in the window of the lean-to. The winds have so far been quite kind and the mix of sun and showers has meant the lushness is off the scale compared to last year’s cold but dry spring. To be going into summer with nothing parched is such a blessing. Now I have just got to keep the slugs away from the dahlias and zinnias for the next act. Wish me luck! x