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Holiday Hostess Gifts & Regifting for 2022

Linda Merrill

Hello – well, despite my usual reticence to acknowledge it – we are officially into the holiday season. With lots of upcoming social events on the calendar from now through the New Year, holiday hostess gifts are important to stock up on. Do you like to personalize the gift to reflect the interests of your hosts? Or perhaps reflect something you yourself are interested in? Maybe you like a regional flare?

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I’ve put together a wide assortment of holiday hostess gift ideas at all price points and interests which I think you will enjoy and find useful.

Holiday hostess gifts thanks giving
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Tell me – are you #TeamRegift ? Or do you think it’s poor form? I for one am a big fan of the regift. We all have occasions where a small gift is needed – hostess gifts, teacher’s gifts, little remembrances for friends. I have a group of ladies who I dine out with on a regular basis and for birthdays and Christmas we do a nice lunch or dinner out and exchange small gifts. Nothing too expensive but usually creative and interesting items. I love shopping in local second hand shops for small gifts as well – purses or vintage jewelry, handmade pottery – whatever I find that I think makes sense for who I’m giving it to. But the reality is, none of us really “needs” anything and sometimes the item just doesn’t get used.

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If I receive something that’s nice but not something I will probably make use of, I put it in my regift box. This way, I almost always have something little on hand for a last minute gift. My rule is that it has to be something I would likely purchase for someone else if I saw it in a shop.

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I don’t think this is wrong because, as I said, I’ll only regift items I like, but maybe just can’t use. The trick, of course, is to remember not to regift it back to whoever you got it from!


New Years Holiday Hostess gifts
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By the way – I am thinking the term “hostess” gift is kind of old-fashioned and maybe should go the way of “master” suite or waitress/waiter? How about using the term “Hosting” gift?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and my opinions on regifting? Welcome to the holidays!

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