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32 Pieces Of Cozy Home Decor Because You Deserve It

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An adjustable laptop desk, so you don’t smother your machine’s fan and turn your thighs into a sauna. This can help take the stress off of your back and legs, while also allowing you to store a few small things in its drawer.


Promising review: “I LOVE this table! Works great for doing homework in my bedroom when I want to be warm and comfortable. Totally saves my back too! Most definitely recommend this brand of table. The drawer is nice and the cutout keeps my laptop cool.” —Jessica

Check out Sarah’s full review on this SONGMICS laptop desk to learn more about why she stans this object as a cozy-loving homebody.

Get it from Amazon for $28.99.


A soft faux-sheepskin cover that looks ultra-glam. Draping this over an old couch or chair will make it seem ten times more luxe.


Promising review: “I purchased this faux-sheepskin to make my new Eames chair a tad comfier! It’s really nice! I was afraid it would shed because of some of the other reviews, but I haven’t had any issues with shedding. It stays in place very well and doesn’t slide around at all, which is surprising because the chair is acrylic/plastic. The back has faux-suede, which looks very nice. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this looks real, but it certainly does not look cheap or gaudy at all. It looks great on the chair in front of my desk and makes it much cozier. It was a great price too!” —SweetAndSalty

Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in 19 colors and 11 sizes).


A planter to add some flavor to your windowsill. It has a drainage hole to allow your plants to discard excess water.

Buzzfeed / Christine Forbes, FrancaNYC

Everyone always asks about my FrancaNYC products. They’re just that gorgeous. I own five of their pots and two mugs. Each product is wonderfully handmade and ships pretty fast. Franca isn’t cheap but the quality is there. Plus, it feels good to support a local, woman-owned design studio.

FrancaNYC is a small, woman-owned design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. They sell handmade planters, dinnerware, vases, and dog bowls.

Get it from FrancaNYC for $48+ (available in three sizes).


A desk-sized USB-powered humidifier because dry air is the enemy of progress. Your skin and sinuses won’t be able to thank you enough for this handy dandy humidifier.


A cactus humidifier, how counterintuitive.

Promising review: “It is super easy to set up, and it totally works. I put this cute desktop humidifier beside my bed for when I am sleeping. The light is warm and romantic, and it is so quiet. The water vapor is moderate enough to make the dry air become comfortable. Highly recommend!” —Mengting

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in three styles).


A gel-infused, memory foam mattress topper so you can transform from that uncomfortable rock — I mean your bed, into a cloud-like mattress that molds to your body.


Promising review: “I have a cheap, hard mattress, so I bought this and my bed is now dangerously comfy. It’s like that scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street where Johnny Depp gets eaten by a bed, except not scary. My boyfriend was almost late for work because he was too comfortable. I slept for 12 hours when I can normally barely sleep for six hours. My cat hardly gets off the bed now. My bed is now dangerously cozy. Use at your own risk. I think I’m going to go back to bed. I hear its sweet siren song calling me.” —Jess

Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in sizes Twin–California King, as well as two- and three-inch heights).


A rotating, color-changing projector to turn your ceiling into the northern lights (pretty much). Imagine this being the last thing you see every night before bed 😴.


Promising review: “I’m a college student and this is one of the best self-purchases I made. Having a lot of anxiety and stress built up from school and work, I turned to trying to find some type of relief to help me calm down and sleep. I saw this aurora light randomly scrolling through Amazon and knew that it would make my room feel so cozy at nighttime and help me sleep! Sure enough, it was exactly as I had thought, and I really love all the different light options it gives you. The sound quality is nothing near amazing and the volume doesn’t go too high, but if you aren’t too worried about having the speaker, the aurora light itself is amazing!” —Jessica Kuksuk

Get it from Amazon for $21.96


Or a minimalist cube lamp for a tiny dose of light that is far from overwhelming — the perfect amount for pre-bedtime reading, one might say.


Promising review: “This lamp is a beautiful piece in my room. It is small and unobtrusive, but works like a charm and draws the eye of any guests. It’s been three months and I love it.” —SujuYoon

Get it from Amazon for $34.95 (available in two shapes).


A compact, but efficient ceramic space heater for days when your landlord is being stingy with the heat. With 1,500 watts and three settings, this will definitely keep you warm and toasty.

Promising review: “I cannot handle how sturdy and steadfast this powerful little heater is. It easily warms my little apartment, does not overheat, and is cute and little. I would not call it quiet, however, as it does produce a pretty loud fan sound — however, I actually find it soothing.” —J Fu

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in two colors).


A luxe ‘n’ pleated velvet floor pillow because losing feeling in your tush mid-game night sucks. These are soft, stunning, and come in enough colors to compliment your existing decor.


Promising review: “Much bigger than what I expected, but WOW this pillow is gorgeous! The detail and the fabric are both really great. I feel I got a good deal on the price considering the quality too.” —Summer

Get it from Walmart for $24 (available in four colors; measures 16″ in diameter).


A calming lavender and chamomile aromatherapy mist to help you fully unravel your mind and body after a tough day. Lavender smells so good, you’ll want to take deep breaths and relax.


Promising review: “I think this spray might be helping me sleep better, but I’m not positive. What I am sure of is that it smells fantastic! I have tried other sleeping sprays (and just about every sleep product on the market for my resistant insomnia) and this is one of my favorites for just having such a great, comforting smell. It makes my bedroom feel more cozy and inviting (which can be hard for some of us who learn to hate our beds when we can’t sleep). So, I think it contributes to my ability to sleep better just by making my bed more inviting.” —Wiwse

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in six scents, or as a six-piece variety pack for $59.99)., Amazon

Promising review: “I bought this projector for myself because I am a college student and I wanted to find something that I can use to play video games and watch TV. Buying a 40″ TV was too expensive for me, so I found this to be a great alternative and it actually turned out to be a better option. I have that 40-inch display like I wanted or larger. This has been great for movie nights with my friends. I was able to hook up my JBL mini speaker to it as well to create a surround sound effect. If you’re a college student I definitely recommend you look into this as an alternative to a TV display! You won’t regret it!!” —Martin Family

Get it from Amazon for $79.99.


A candle because it’s the ultimate floral scented candle and will 100% set the tone for a room.

Usually, I’m into darker woodsy scents, but I tried Fleurshadow to see what the hype was about. I totally get it. This candle is exactly what a high-frequency, floral candle should be. It’s super potent and easily fills the room — even when it’s not lit. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Boy Smells is a small business based in California, founded by Matthew Herman and David Kien. They are a queer-owned brand that creates genderless products for everyone — including underwear and (obviously) candles.

Get it from Boy Smells or Nordstrom for $39.


An entryway mirror that’ll store your keys, masks, and give you one last chance to see what you look like before leaving the house.

All Modern

Promising review: “So beautiful and true to image scale-wise. I got the largest one in black. We just purchased a new home and I’m excited to hang it the foyer!” —lara.feamster

Get it from All Modern for $105 (originally $112.99; available in three sizes and four colors)


A pair of Pudus slipper socks for wrapping your Vienna sausages in a thick layer of warmth. They have grippers on the bottom to make sure you don’t slip and slide all over the house.


Promising review: “What else can you say? Warm, thick fleece around your feet!!! They are very warm and remain soft, wash after wash. The rubber dots on the bottom are quite sufficient to keep your footing and not slip.” —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $25 (available in 35 designs and a unisex size that fits women’s 5–11 and men’s 6–10 sizes).

BuzzFeed / Yi Yang, Amazon

Promising review: “These are the perfect slippers. They are ridiculously comfortable and warm. I wear a size 7 and ordered the medium (7-8) and they EXACTLY fit my feet. If you are even remotely over 7 order larger. I have 0 complaints about these. The padding is heavenly and the sole is thick enough for our cement floors. 10/10 will order another pair when these run out. 🙌🏼” —Joy

Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in women’s sizes 5–12 and four colors).

Society 6,

I bought two of Bria’s prints and I am extremely pleased.

Bria Nicole is a woman-owned small business specializing in modern lifestyle imagery with Afro-bohemian elements.

Get it from Society 6 for $23.39 (originally $25.99; available in five sizes)


A notebook that’s practical and impactful enough to breathe life into your work area. Stop leaving notes everywhere and store your thoughts here instead., Target

Be Rooted is a woman-owned small business founded by Jasmin Foster. Her goal is to make women of color explore their inner muse and celebrate self.

Promising review: “The colors are so vivid. It’s slim, but definitely sturdy. I love it!” —Leah H.

Get it from Be Rooted for $7.50 or for $12.99 at Target.


A contoured eye mask to finally get some ~peace~ and smother the light standing between you and the best rest of your life.


Promising review: “Very soft and lightweight eye mask. My favorite feature is the type of band they use to keep it on your head. It is stretchy but holds its structure, and they use a sliding clip that does not have sharp edges or Velcro — therefore, it will not get stuck in your hair while you sleep. The travel bag and earplugs it comes with are nice perks!” —Danielle Foster

Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (available in four colors).


A pair of gold resin monkey bookends to style your shelves with a little taste of the jungle 🐵.


NiLu is a family-owned small business founded by Katrina Parris. She was inspired by her children, Nigel and Luke, to open a gift shop focusing on local artisans and showcasing a curated selection of great gifts.

Get them from NiLu for $95.


An area rug that’ll protect your very expensive floors while adding pattern and texture to a room.

Boutique Rugs

Save 60% with code FLASH60!

Promising review: “This rug was a better quality than I expected it to be. Very plush, lays flat and really holds its shape. The color was way more blue than I expected it to be but I loved the rug so much that I decided to change the color scheme in my home a little to make it work better. I definitely recommend this purchase!” —Kaitlyn P.

Get it from Boutique Rugs for $48+ (available in four sizes).


A decadent candle to transport your senses back home, whever that is for you. They sell candles by state, country, and even occasion.


Promising review: “Love this smell — it’s musky and a bit masculine, but also literally does remind me of books. The block print lettering on the front looks cool in our home and works well with both transitional and modern decorations. I have it on our bookshelf and love it.” —redhed

Get them from Amazon for $34 each. Check out all of the other varieties here!


A gorgeous printed peel ‘n’ stick wallpaper because redoing your walls doesn’t require paint anymore. These are renter-friendly, just take them off when you move out.


Promising review: “Love, love, love this wallpaper!!! It is beautiful and unique, refined and elegant, and has heavy-duty quality. I found it super easy to install, though I opted to use it for a room border versus a full wall. I also found it very forgiving, allowing me to pull it back off and adjust areas without leaving permanent dents in the design. It gave my son’s bedroom a whole new look and I have gotten lots of compliments on this wallpaper!” —Melissa

Get a 28 square foot roll from The Novogratz on Amazon for $29.46+ (available in three patterns).


A set of realistic-looking flameless candles for anyone who wants to avoid open flames at all costs, but wants to set the ~mood~.


The set comes with a remote control that has ten different keys.

Promising review: “Love these! So many different options to run them and the remote makes it so effortless to add a little coziness to your room” —Ashley Arnette

Get a set of nine from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in four other colors/styles and quantities).


A small gold sloth wall hook that you’ll look forward to using because it’s so adorable. It’s little things like this that make days *so* much more enjoyable.

Urban Outfitters

It doesn’t come with screws, so you’ll have to get those (gold, if you wanna match) ones on your own.

Promising review: “Such a cute key holder we had to name her (Syd). We never have to search for keys anymore.” —kimpiscott

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $8.


A nonslip bamboo bathtub tray to hold everything you need during the have the luxury soak of your dreams.


Do yourself a big favor and upgrade your baths right this second! I’m so much more relaxed just looking at this photo.

Promising review:Very true to the description and photos. But this product is even better in person. It’s very sturdy without feeling bulky, held everything I expected and stays in place wonderfully while in use. It also fits in with the bathroom well enough to be left out when not in use. My only gripe is that the spot to hold a tablet doesn’t prop it up enough for me to see very well. This is not the product’s fault, I am short and my tub is so deep. Very very happy overall with the purchase and it arrived just in time for my day off to test it out!” —Marissa

Get it from Amazon for $33.97+ (available in seven colors)., Amazon

Hello, eight kneading rollers, two massage directions, and a timer that’s set at 15 minutes (45 mins is the max recommended time for any particular area).

Promising review: “I was skeptical about buying a massager online, but I guess I wanted to try anything at this point because the tension in my neck was so bad! I am using it right now for the first time and it’s amazing. Just the right pressure and hitting all the spots that I have knots in. It’s very warm, but I wouldn’t say ‘hot.’ I can’t wait to use this every night to relax!!! I am so grateful.” —Jamie Shepard

Get it from Amazon for $33.99 (available in two colors).


A mini Dash rice cooker that can also make oatmeal, stew, soup, and quinoa in less than 20 minutes. The package includes a rice paddle, measuring cup, and recipe book in case you don’t know what you’re doing.


It has a two-cup capacity, only takes minutes to prep (dump in water and uncooked food), and steamed food will be ready in 20 minutes. There’s also a keep warm function, and the removable pot is nonstick for easy cleanup.

Promising review: “I used to avoid making rice because it was a hassle requiring vigilance, timing, and temperature control, and not to mention the cleaning up the sticky mess left behind. This cute, little nonstick gizmo makes PERFECT rice while you IGNORE it, sometimes for hours. It also comes with a charming recipe booklet that shows things that can be made with it BESIDES rice — like soup, mac ‘n’ cheese, chili, pudding, etc. This attractive cooker takes center stage in my kitchen. I recommend it highly!” —Cape Cod Kadi

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in five colors).


A set of dainty crochet coasters to add texture while saving your surfaces from those annoying circles. If you’re into vintage stuff or cottagecore, these are for you.


Promising review: “These remind me of my grandma’s house, and I wish I had some of her old doilies. When I received a couple of art pieces at Christmas, I wanted to display them without scratching the furniture with their stone bases. The solution was to buy this pack of doilies. I’m using two and keeping two in reserve for when I have to wash the first two. A nice solution.” —Marilyn Osborne

Get a set of four from Amazon for $8.29+ (available in four colors).


A multifunctional ottoman that doubles as a table or a bench for your living room, foyer, or bedroom. Place remotes, magazines, or blankets in the open cubby for easy storage.

All Modern

Promising review: “I ordered the walnut one for a client —and it is perfect! Just the right combination of storage, comfortable footrest and coffee table, with great style. It’s well-built, sturdy and nicely proportioned. I can totally recommend it!” —Sarah

Get it from All Modern for $1045 (available two colors).


A kawaii bread loaf pillow because it’s cute, nothing more to it. There’s no such thing as too many pillows and it’s impossible to look at this and not smile inside.


Promising review: “The cutest thing in the whole world. When I am sad, I look at loaf and find instant happiness. I never knew such joy could be found in a stuffed carb.” —Torre Massie

Get it from Amazon for $25.90.


A set of mini hexagon pots that have drainage holes so your precious succulent babies won’t get root rot and meet an untimely end.


Promising review: “I got these today and moved some of my plants to them from tiny starter pots. They are the perfect size to give these plants more room to grow until they get even bigger. The pots are really cute and sleek. They arrived in pristine condition, very well packed. I’m very happy with them.” —Anna Stansfield

Get them from Amazon for $9.90+ (available in sets of two, four, and six).


And a plush velour reading pillow because your current posture is not doing your back any favors and this’ll help save you from aches and pains.


You can easily spot-clean the breathable velour cover with a Tide Pen or baking soda. You can store your phone or anything else in its convenient side pockets.

Promising review: “Like most people we are very busy in our household with work, grad school, and other day-to-day events. Because of this, we like to wind down with comfort. This pillow is amazing. I did what the instructions said (throw in the dryer with NO HEAT) in order to fluff my pillow. It was great! It was such a great pillow for doing work/school while providing comfort, we ended up buying a second one for my boyfriend. Would very much recommend these!” —LA

Get it from Amazon for $42.99.

You, enjoying your new creature comforts.


The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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