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What are their features? » Residence Style

What are their features? » Residence Style

Aluminum composite materials (ACMs) comprise two aluminum sheets prepainted with polyethylene (PE). They are made from coated, surface-treated aluminum sheets and a mixture of polypropylene and polyethylene plastics. It results in a strong sheet made of two pieces of pre-finished aluminum. ACM panels are then bonded to a core of polyethylene.

ACM composite panels are an excellent choice for contemporary interior and architectural design. ACM panels are a great material because they are light, cheap, and energy efficient, among other things.

Real estate Developers, fabricators, and architects like this material, because it can be used in many ways and lasts for a long time. Many companies have created aluminum composite panels that can be used in various applications. 

Aluminum composite material (ACM) has become famous for exterior uses because it looks good and lasts a long time. However, ACM is also an excellent choice for interior design projects. ACM is light, energy-efficient, and simple to use. It can also be used to improve commercial and residential environments.

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Interior ACM Panels – Applications

Partition wall: ACM panels are frequently used to create partition walls, especially in public buildings or corporate offices. 

Soundproofing:  These panels are most commonly used in urban areas, where noise can disrupt business meetings, make it difficult to sleep at night, and complicate your life.

False Ceiling: ACM panels could also be used to create false ceilings to create more space or improve a room’s aesthetics. 

Exterior ACM Panels – Applications

Architects, builders, and contractors should consider ACM (aluminum composite materials).

  1. Beam Wraps & Column Covers: Beam wraps and column covers are made from ACM panels. These applications can be covered with ACM panels and steel. While reducing weight, steel and aluminum combine to provide excellent structural strength.

2 Curtain Walls and Cladding: Curtain walls made from ACM are also called Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP). It can be used to decorate both inside and outside areas, such as foyers, shops, and restaurants. ACM Cladding is an excellent choice for saving energy and lowering carbon emissions when building a new home. 

ACM panels can be used for signage both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for signage, POS displays, and kiosks. 

ACM panels are used to construct a house’s roof, walls, or roof. Because they come in various sizes and shapes, ACM panels are the preferred choice in construction. ACM panels are also waterproof, lightweight, fireproof, and long-lasting. ACM panels are ideal for both small and large-scale quality buildings.

Features of ACM Panels

ACM panels are a great option if you plan to build a new building. A few examples are as follows:

Easily maintained

ACM panels are easy to maintain and have looked fabulous for many years. ACM panels don’t require staining or painting after a few years, as cedar shake and other siding products. You will need a water bucket, dish detergent, and a brush to clean your ACM panels.

Durable material

ACM panels are resistant to many external factors, such as hail, extreme temperatures, pollution, wind, and rain. You will also get a 20-year warranty on ACM panels. It guarantees you long-term satisfaction and peace of mind. It is a win-win situation for both you and your project.

Easily transportable

ACM panels are lighter than other exterior building products. It is easier to use and takes less time to complete an outer building. ACM panels are 30 percent quicker than traditional exterior building products.

Fire Resistant Properties

ACM panels are much more fire-resistant than traditional siding or wooden shingles. The aluminum panels can stop heat from moving through them, which slows the spread of a fire. ACM gives occupants extra time to escape from a burning building.

Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing

ACM panels give a modern, sleek finish to any building. You can choose from a range of colours to suit any design scheme. You can even get metallic finishes that replicate the appearance of stone and wood.

Environmentally friendly

A majority of the aluminum used to make ACM panels can be recycled. The panels can also be recycled at the end of their useful life.

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Selecting an ACM Panel Supplier

Finding a reliable, experienced, and creative supplier for ACM panels close to home can save you money. You’ll also get the best support and service for your development plans. Some may offer more solutions and services than just local clients.

Alumax Panel is Canada’s largest ACM panel supplier. They are based in Toronto and offer a wide range of other architectural panels, materials, and building envelope solutions. The family-owned and operated company has worked with many top architects, builders, and designers in Canada and the United States. All products comply with international standards and are available to clients across North America.

Do aluminum composite panels work well for your next project? Contact a dedicated expert today to get more information.