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The Theo Kalomirakis Group Launches New Initiative | News

WILTON, Conn., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TKG announced its consortium of industry experts to offer opulent private home cinemas to affluent clients across the globe. Theo Kalomirakis known as “The Father of Home Theater” has surrounded himself with individuals who are first-in-class in their field to offer the ultimate in luxury design and performance. 

“The best thing you can do in life is to work with the people who you trust, who you love and who share the same extreme passion you have, and I am lucky enough to have found this with Steve Haas and Maria Deschamps,” says Theo Kalomirakis, CEO of TKG. Theo has developed custom designs for IMAX Private Theatres in China, India, the UAE and the United States. Under a license from Walt Disney, he also developed the Theo Kalomirakis for Walt Disney Signature furniture collection. Steve Haas, the CEO & Principal Consultant of SH Acoustics has collaborated with Theo for nearly 25 years providing acoustic design solutions for the most discerning theater clients in the world. Maria has also worked with Theo for interior design projects and has over 20 years of specialized home theater design experience. Like the great movie houses of the early 20th century, the private theaters that TKG designs lure the audience away from everyday life into a luxury home cinema.


Luxury begins with passion, a love for something so strong you want to recreate it in the most magnificent way and then share it with the world. Everyone who sees it, stares in envy but very few will be able to possess it. Whether it is a home, automobile, yacht or private theater, luxury cannot be imitated. It is not a label. It is anointed with the spirit of the creator. In Home Theater, luxury and passion are synonymous with one person: Theo Kalomirakis.

Benefits of hiring TKG

  • Each team member is highly experienced and known as a leader in their individual field.
  • TKG oversees the entire project from start to finish – creating the design concept, developing all needed details, coordinating the build and even leading the audio calibration.
  • There is never a template, each theater is uniquely designed to each client’s vision after several in-depth discussions have taken place between Theo and the homeowner.
  • TKG designs the architecture, the room acoustics and interior design. They also have the expertise and experience to introduce exclusive items, materials and finishes.

TKG offers their elite services to both homeowners and industry organizations who desire the best in class in home entertainment.

You can learn more about TKG here: https://www.tkgtheaters.com/

TKG is the leader in Luxury Private Cinemas; consisting of Theo Kalomirakis, Steve Haas of SH Acoustics and Maria Deschamps of Maria Deschamps Design.

TKG offers:

  • Home Theater Architectural Design
  • Acoustic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Engineering
  • Equipment and products recommendations
  • Qualified local dealer referrals for equipment installation and calibration

Website: https://www.TKGtheaters.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TKGtheater 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TKGtheaters/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/TKG-theaters

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TKGtheaters


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