July 18, 2024


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The One Thing Every Great Host Has at Home, According to Airbnb Superhosts

It’s that time of year again: Black Friday deals, holiday cheer, and a near-constant stream of guests going in and out of my home. If you’re prepping to host family or in-laws, you’re likely familiar with the stress of making sure they have a comfortable visit. So what’s that one thing that’ll make your guests feel loved and win over your in-laws? 

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I decided to consult some experts in the field of being a hospitable host: Airbnb Superhosts. And their one hot tip for being the hostess with the mostess is making a personal gift bundle for your guest. 

Within the welcome basket, be sure to include the WiFi name and password so they don’t have to ask for it — and you don’t have to track it down or call it out from the back of the router. Brittnei Burns, a Superhost based in Atlanta, Georgia, also suggests leaving out some spa-inspired items such as “candles for aromatherapy, eucalyptus in the shower, and plenty of blankets for coziness.”

Adding toiletries is a thoughtful bonus, in case they’ve forgotten to pack a tube of toothpaste or contact solution. (The travel-sized section at Target is great for sourcing these mini essentials.) If your guest is bringing their pet and you really want to go all out, you can even include a little treat for them, too. Stocking the room with a mini Keruig coffee maker is another sweet move that will help them feel at home. Superhost Charlotte McGhee says, “Don’t worry with a fancy coffee maker — if it’s too confusing for a guest to use, that will put a damper on their mornings.” 

Not only will a convenient and cozy welcome bundle help your friends or family feel at home, but it will let them know you took the time to consider how they could feel comfortable in your home. Going that extra mile doesn’t take a ton of extra effort, but can mean the world.