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The New Level of Sleep Comfort and Safety: BheemUP Is Seeking to Revolutionize the Way We Sleep with Its Unique Smart Bed Frame Incliner and Innovative Monitoring Sensor Mat Device | News

PHILADELPHIA and SYDNEY, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Out of his harrowing experiences during long hospital stays and home recuperation for cancer treatment and open-heart surgery, cancer survivor and medical student Nikhil Autar was inspired to revolutionize the way we sleep with the introduction of his company’s unique BheemUP Smart Bed Incliner, complete with the BheemSense Lite Sensor Mat.

Think of it as like a hospital bed, but better. Add in an innovative monitoring system and you have a new level of affordable sleep comfort at home.

With its patented design, the BheemUP Smart Bed Incliner conveniently adjusts to any bed frame and mattress, lifting your bed to provide superior comfort and back support with safety in mind. The product comes with a money-back guarantee.  

Using patented smart fabric, circuitry, and proprietary algorithms, the BheemSense Lite Sensor Mat monitors movement over your entire bed, as well as respiratory and heart rates, all contact-free. It also tracks sleep, your posture in bed, and symptoms like back pain and reflux via a machine learning-powered app.

Combined to create a complete smart sleep system, the BheemUP System can improve sleep, posture, and make the home environment safer for vulnerable people.

“I experienced several complications that could have been prevented in the hospital,” recalled Autar, founder and CEO of Get to Sleep Easy, Inc. “I’d fallen twice in the middle of chemotherapies, and at home, which led to injuries. Hospital beds may reduce risks of these things like falls and severe pneumonia. But they’re too expensive and hard to set up at home for most. BheemUP isn’t. I actually ended up using my own device after open-heart surgery.”

Recent studies support the growing demand for Autar’s BheemUP products. In a recent study, 91% of people who started incline sleep therapy noticed benefits and continued using it: (https://academic.oup.com/dote/article-abstract/30/3/1/2726083?redirectedFrom=fulltext).

Additional key features and benefits of the company’s products include:

BheemUP Smart Bed Incliner:

  • Elevation: BheemUP features hospital-grade motors made from hospital bed manufacturers and lifts up to 600kg (1,300 pounds).
  • Unique therapeutic design: The patented and perfectly proportioned frame is designed by doctors, researchers, and occupational therapists to provide comfort and reduce back pain.
  • Easy to set up: Set up takes 15 minutes and the device doesn’t require any add ons. It adjusts to any current bed (from single to California King).
  • Ergonomic comfort and support: Its patented design also provides support to key areas in the lumbar spine, unlike hospital beds.
  • Affordable – At $549, it costs much less than hospital beds – and it’s on a further discount on Kickstarter now, starting from $329.

BheemSense Lite Sensor Mat:

  • Non-contact: The system sits on top of your mattress. It lies underneath your sheets and feels lighter than a yoga mat.
  • Adapts to your sleep habits (create your sleep cave): BheemSense Lite Sensor Mat integrates with smart lights and can awaken even the deepest sleepers up with vibrating alarms. Over time, the sensor learns from your habits and makes your room the perfect sleep cave.
  • Cost-effective solution: BheemSense Lite provides a monitoring solution as an affordable option at around $799 ($399 for a limited time only on Kickstarter — https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bheem/bheemup/description).

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