July 17, 2024


Body and Interior

Small penthouse apartment with round windows

Small penthouse apartment with round windows

A penthouse open-plan kitchen with a  light palette sofa area

This beautiful penthouse apartment studio has the most beautiful round windows, which let in such an abundance of daylight. The apartment includes a sofa area, dining area, open-plan kitchen, and a bedroom with a home office. All these functional areas are included on a relatively small layout, yet the interior still looks spacious and not crowded.

A penthouse apartment with exposed wood beams

The exposed wood beams in both the ceiling and the lower parts of the penthouse add so much character to this interior. The round window in the open-plan kitchen is so impressive and the width of the sofa (it’s the Ikea Soderhamn sofa with a ) was picked out to fit the space exactly. The white and natural color palette of the main furniture has been contrasted with some black elements which complement the grey kitchen with the white marble countertop in a nice way. 

The small niche in between the sofa and the kitchen is used for an extra bench, which can be used when more people come over, but its main purpose is decoration. The art print on the wall turns this wall into its own little area and I’m sure the table lamp looks so nice when it’s on at night.

An L-shaped kitchen with grey cabinet fronts

The kitchen has been built into an L-shape in the middle of the penthouse where the ceilings are the highest. I believe the cabinet fronts are the regular Ikea Bodbyn ones in grey, enhanced with white glossy metro tiles and a white marble countertop.

A round dining table combined with a round mirror

On the other side of the sofa, a round dining table fits perfectly underneath the angled roof, resulting in a cozy and intimate dining area. The round mirror on the wall complements the shape of the dining table and reflects some extra daylight in this corner.

Bedroom and home office behind a half-wall

Just like in any small apartment, you have to carefully pick and choose where you place your furniture and how you plan your layout. More so even with penthouse spaces, because you have to take into account the lower ceiling heights and exposed wooden beams, which though beautiful, can be a little bit difficult to plan a layout around.

The head of the bed has been placed underneath the lowest part of the ceiling. Since you are rarely standing up where you sleep, this is the perfect spot for a bed. The home office has been placed right in front of the round window, which gives you a beautiful view while working from home and you also have some extra height in this area.

Ikea pax with a reflective mirrored surface

The big Ikea Pax wardrobe is fully covered in mirrored surfaces, which makes this element blend into the space. The mirrors on the Pax doors have the added advantage that they reflect the small penthouse space and add the same time multiply the already abundant daylight in this room.

A bathroom with white tiles and grey grout

The bathroom has been covered with white tiles with grey grout, which has a nice effect on the space. The straight lines of the tiles contrast with the angled lines of the walls and windows, which contrasts even more with the round shape of the bathroom mirror. Underneath the window, where the ceiling height is really low, a small Ikea Eket module was placed for some extra storage. When you live in a penthouse with angled walls, you have to optimize every nook and cranny available and take any storage opportunity you can get.