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Remodeling 101: A Plywood Primer

Back in 1948, Well-liked Science explained plywood, relatively unappealingly, as “a layer cake of lumber and glue.” But above the many years this affordable engineered wooden product or service has proved invaluable, not just for developing simple structures but also for making it possible for interior and furniture designers alike to unleash their creativeness.

Whilst plywood has usually been employed in unfinished regions and creating web-sites, in current a long time designers have embraced its minimalist appear in completed assignments. When we not long ago questioned Swedish architect Björn Förstberg what he enjoys about plywood (he, with his company Förstberg Ling, has protected full spaces in plywood panels to breathtaking impact see his Pinterest-famous House for Mother project), he waxed poetic: “It has this extremely organic and heat quality that makes a place sense cozy and inviting.” But what types are best to use where, and what do the letter designations suggest? Are there any downsides to masking your place in plywood? Study on for our cheat sheet.

an expansive plywood wall in förstberg ling
Over: An expansive plywood wall in Förstberg Ling’s A Expense-Conscious Property in Sweden Which is a Pinterest Sensation.

How is plywood created?

To develop a sheet of plywood, a equipment laminates skinny levels of wooden veneer alongside one another less than warmth and stress. The grain of every layer is positioned at proper angles to the past layer, which presents this materials its unheard of energy and longevity. (Test out this Enjoy Letter to Plywood in video sort for significantly additional depth.)

Never confuse plywood with other engineered woods like particleboard, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), or OSB (oriented strand board). Produced of wooden fibers or scraps bonded below significant strain, they are more cost-effective than plywood and not as potent.

sheets of plywood, ingeniously coated in tar, is waterproof and visually striki 10
Previously mentioned: Sheets of plywood, ingeniously coated in tar, is water-proof and visually striking. See Architect Go to: Johannes Norlander in Sweden for additional.

What are the various kinds of plywood?

Plywood comes in a lot of grades, measurements, and thicknesses. Here’s a fast rundown.


You may have heard of diverse sorts of plywood. A couple common kinds are exterior plywood, which signifies that it has been addressed to resist water and inclement temperature maritime plywood, excellent if you are constructing a boat (or anything that’ll be uncovered to a ton of moisture, like the within of a toilet) tropical plywood, commonly of higher top quality and created overseas and small-quality structural plywood, frequently used to establish concrete kinds on building web-sites. Hardwood plywood (occasionally named cabinet-grade plywood) has a softwood core, but the veneer on the deal with is a wood these as ash, beech, mahogany, or walnut.


Most plywood is possibly 3-ply—that is, created of three layers of wood—or five-ply. There is also multi-ply, which is employed for weighty design such as houses.

a plywood ceiling in a light filled chalet in the italian alps, updated fo 11
Over: A plywood ceiling in A Light-Filled Chalet in the Italian Alps, Current for a Younger Skier.

What are the various grades of plywood?

Plywood is commonly provided just one of 4 grades that suggests its high quality in phrases of knots, discoloration, problems, and repaired patches. If you have questioned what the letters suggest on your piece of plywood, it is referring to the quality.

A Grade: A-grade plywood is top quality high quality plywood, with no knots and a sleek, sanded surface that is completely ready to be finished.

B Grade: B grade is also sanded, but will have some knots and repairs.

C Quality: C-quality plywood is unsanded and has much more “defects” than A or B grades.

D Quality: D quality goes to the minimum pricey plywood. Since of its markings, this could possibly be a very good variety of plywood to paint over (however others could locate this captivating).

Grades with two letters: Plywood panels normally carry two letter grades, for a simple purpose: One particular letter refers to the grade of wooden on the facial area of the sheet, the other to the wood on the again, in most instances an inferior quality. It is possible to get plywood with both of those sides of the similar grade.

X: An “X” at the finish of the designation indicates the panel is superior for exterior use.

FSC: FSC is small for “Forest Stewardship Council,” and certifies that the plywood comes from responsibly managed forests.

a higher grade of plywood (with fewer knots and markings) lines a hidden door a 12
Above: A greater quality of plywood (with much less knots and markings) lines a concealed doorway and staircase in The Brick Barn: A Modern-day English Farmhouse.

What grade is greatest for my task?

Any hardwood plywood is ideal for great woodworking projects such as creating furnishings and cupboards. Likewise, sanded softwood plywood—Grade A or B—will function for the exact same purposes. Those setting up uncovered plywood panels on inside walls, like the Förstberg Ling architects, could also select this grade, shelling out careful attention to the grain. Quality C or D plywood is suited for jobs these as subflooring and for structural use.

What styles of wooden are used to make plywood?

Softwood plywood is produced of woods this kind of as pine, cedar, Douglas fir, or spruce. The encounter veneer is typically a greater quality of wooden than the other layers for instance, hardwood plywood has a softwood main included with a hardwood veneer like ash, mahogany, beech, or walnut.

What dimensions does plywood appear in?

Plywood panels occur in a broad vary of measurements, but are most usually 4 toes across. The duration can array from 8 to 10 ft two-by-4-foot pieces are also accessible for smaller sized jobs. But be careful when measuring as the stated dimensions normally fall a very little brief of these numbers.

Plywood also will come in many thicknesses. The most popular sheet widths are ¼ inch, ½ inch, and ¾ inch, nevertheless thicker and thinner widths do exist. Yet again, these given dimensions are typically a bit greater than the actual sheet for instance, ½ inch really should definitely be labeled 15/32 inch.

plywood makes for charming trim in scandinavian simplicity: a reimagined s 13
Earlier mentioned: Plywood will make for charming trim in Scandinavian Simplicity: A Reimagined Swedish Summerhouse.

What are the rewards of plywood?

“Architects have generally been interested in plywood,” states Björn Förstberg, “but it may perhaps be far more well known with the normal community now than it is at any time been.” And for fantastic cause, as the pluses are lots of: This affordable wooden does not have the shortcomings of lumber as it won’t warp, shrink, or grow. It is much employed in residence making but also a most loved with hobbyists and property woodworkers. And despite the reality that it’s comparatively inexpensive (a lot more on that later), it’s extremely robust and durable.

What are the shortcomings?

Several men and women contemplate the unfinished edges of plywood panels to be ugly. If the edges are exposed, you may perhaps want to finish them by portray or ending with laminate edge banding.

An additional drawback is that plywood can be tricky to reduce, in contrast to sound wood, and is inclined to splintering at the edges when the facial area veneer is primarily slender (usually the scenario with hardwood plywoods). If you’re working on a job, be very careful with sanding, as a slender veneer can go through from vigorous sanding, as you might sand by to the following layer.

There’s also the opportunity for noxious gases from the adhesives made use of in earning plywood more on that down below.

plywood panels of various types and grains line the sitting room in archit 14
Over: Plywood panels of numerous varieties and grains line the sitting down home in Architect Go to: Johannes Norlander in Sweden.

Is plywood harmless?

Since plywood is handled wooden, it is smart to steer clear of inhaling dust when you are slicing it. Dress in a dust mask and, if feasible, do your sawing outdoors. Indoor plywood designed with urea-formaldehyde glue can cause health challenges owing to off-gassing from the wooden. But current decades have brought new federal government criteria for formaldehyde emissions, and some indoor plywood is now getting created formaldehyde-cost-free. For a lot more on this, see our put up Transforming 101: Is Plywood Safe?.

How considerably does plywood value?

Of system, the selling prices fluctuate dependent on the grade, measurement, and thickness. To offer a couple of examples: ¼-inch-thick, four-by-8-foot BC-Grade Sanded Pine Plywood sells for $19.77 for every panel at Home Depot, even though a 3/4-inch-thick PureBond Purple Oak Plywood panel of the exact sizing, designed with a formaldehyde-no cost glue, sells for $54.98. Store around for the grade, thickness, and pricing that performs for you Household Depot and other lumber and developing supply businesses will provide an just about limitless volume of possibilities.

the grain is part of the charm in this plywood clad beach house; see two l 15
Higher than: The grain is element of the charm in this plywood-clad seaside household see Two London Creatives Shore Up a Little Beach Home for a lot more.

Do I have to have to match the colour and grain?

Diverse techniques are made use of to create the designs and grains you see in the veneer on any plywood panel. Often the veneer is a full piece, taken from a single cut. At other periods the sheets of veneer have been joined in a way that offers a steady or satisfying sample in the grain and matches the colours. Selling prices fluctuate according to the approach made use of and the ensuing visual appeal. If the grain of the wooden will be visible in your conclusion product, that is a very good cause to opt for your have plywood instead than ordering it sight unseen. But Förstberg says the grains and markings are portion of the attraction: “The natural hardly ever-repeating styles are tricky to get fatigued of. Plywood is like a great marble character does it very best.”

N.B.: The highlighted impression is from A Price tag-Conscious House in Sweden Which is a Pinterest Sensation.

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