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Garden Planning and Planting | UK Home Improvement

Garden Planning and Planting | UK Home Improvement

Before planting season, there are some things that a gardener has to deal with so that they get rewarding harvesting. Farming is an activity that requires adequate preparation. As a farmer, you must take your time and thoroughly prepare from land ploughing to seed selection. A good farmer can start the preparation a month or two before the planting season. In this post, you will read about the required land planning and preparation activities.

Garden Planning


Here you will have to know which type of garden you want; it can be a classic Dutch garden or an English garden. Once you have decided on the garden, you can proceed to design. Below are some of the factors you will have to consider when designing. 


You will need to determine your budget. Don’t plan things that are beyond your budget; always be realistic. Work with what you can afford and avoid straining yourself until you have no funds for land preparation and planting.

Highlight the Features

If you don’t have a list of features, visit various websites online, and you will get to see and learn about multiple garden plans. You can also pay a visit to one of your nearest local nurseries; here, you will get some ideas. You will see types of trees and plants, the favourable irrigation systems used, Planting medium, etc. You can decide what to incorporate in your garden by seeing all this. 

Garden Size

The size of the garden matters; you need to know if it will cover the entire compound or a portion of it. Remember, the garden will incur costs for installation and maintenance. So choose what you can manage. 

Native Plants

When planting, it is obvious that one might be tempted to try out some exotic plants. As you plan what to plant, consider the native plants as they are used to the local climate. 

Garden Planting

General Work 

General garden work entails the normal activities done on every farm. In this phase, you will dig the land to make it ready for sowing. After digging, the next step is making planting beds. Planting can be done in an outdoor environment or a greenhouse. Crops like tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers grow well in a controlled environment. A Halls Greenhouse is the best solution if you want to grow the above crops. The structure requires minimal repair and lasts long, giving crops the desired environment for growth. You only need to clean and repair any broken parts before the planting season.

Click this link to find more information on greenhouses https://london-post.co.uk/where-to-start-with-greenhouse-gardening/. The other thing is to ensure that your pots and trays are clean so the seedlings will be free from pests and diseases. Once all these activities are done, your garden is ready for sowing.


Sowing is the most critical part of crop establishment; if one is not keen, the germination percentage might be low. In planting, you will have to consider spacing depending on the type of crops to be planted. Spacing is important as it allows equal sunlight distribution and provides enough room for root development. When planting, you need to wait until the weather is favourable to the growth of specific crops. Once planting is over, think of preserving the crops’ moisture using mulching materials. Mulching plays a critical role in both crops and soil. They help prevent weed growth and enhance the soil’s humus content. After mulching, you have to ensure your crops receive enough water. If the rains are not enough, you can start irrigating them.