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DogCare Launches World’s First Smart Pet Clippers

Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 10:35 AM CST|Updated: 29 minutes ago

ROCKVILLE, Md., Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DogCare Inc. (“DogCare”), a smart pet care company committed to enhancing the bond between humans and pets through technology, has launched the DogCare Pet Clipper, the world’s first smart pet clipper for fast home grooming on December,2021. Boasting powerful performance and a foolproof design, the DogCare Pet Clipper enables pet owners to achieve professional-grade grooming results in the comfort of their own homes.

Existing pet clippers sold in the U.S. market have a number of issues, from a lack of power to clip curly or thick coats to overheating, poor durability and noisy operation. The DogCare Pet Clipper targets these issues with a powerful, yet ultra-quiet motor that can groom even the thickest of coats.

Greater flexibility and convenience backed by 3 different power modes

When most pet clippers for home have difficulty reaching 6500RPM, the DogCare Smart Pet Clipper, with its minimum operating speed of 6600RPM and a maximum of 7000RPM, provides strong and lasting power to the blades and eliminates any occurrences of clogging and snagging. The device works perfectly on breeds of all shapes and sizes, including those with long and thick coats, such as German Shepherds.

Designed for novices and experts alike, the DogCare Smart Pet Clipper has three modes for home grooming: Quiet Mode for thin hair and sensitive areas, Turbo Mode for thick hair and dense areas, and Smart Mode. On Smart Mode, the device automatically senses the density and length of different coat zones and adjusts to the most suitable power, making it ideal for owners with no prior grooming experience. Meanwhile, the cordless design and auxiliary lighting offer greater flexibility and convenience to groom pets anywhere, including tricky areas like the belly or the soles of the feet.

Patented heatproof design to protect pets

Despite its impressive power, the DogCare Smart Pet Clipper is ultra-quiet to operate and suitable for sensitive pets. When quiet mode is activated, the clipper gives off just 62dB of volume at 6600RPM. Its real-time cooling system also delivers exceptional safety and comfort throughout the grooming process: the clippers stimulate airflow with an aluminum alloy structure inspired by aerodynamic cooling systems, while patented heatproof blades keep the clipper temperature at 107.6ºF or lower — far cooler than other products on the market, which can reach uncomfortable temperatures between 118.4°F to 136.4°F.

LED smart display ensures a clear view of device status

With the DogCare Smart Pet Clipper, owners never have to worry about running out of power midway through grooming again. Once fully charged, the clipper has enough juice to be used for 3 hours at a time, which is enough to groom one large dog or two medium-sized dogs. Plus, owners can monitor power levels and get a reminder to recharge the clipper through the device’s LED display.

The DogCare Smart Pet Clipper is available now and priced at US $119. Each pack comes with the clippers, six replaceable attachment guide combs, a grooming comb, grooming scissors, clipper oil, cleaning brush, USB Cable and user guide. For more information and to shop, please visit

About DogCare

Since starting its business in the United States more than four years ago, DogCare has been on a mission to enhance the close connection between pets and owners through technology. As pet owners themselves, DogCare deeply values the special bond between humans and animals, and wanted to use technology to improve pets’ lives and usher in an era of smart care.

DogCare’s designs and technologies have been awarded with more than 50 patents, with 58 more in patent examination process. To date, its portfolio includes a range of smart pet homeschooling tools, grooming products, and pet accessories, including the Dog Training System, Bark Control Collar, Pet Training Mat, Ultrasonic Dog Trainer, Pet Water Fountain and Deluxe Smart Cordless Pet Clipper.

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