July 17, 2024


Body and Interior

Decor trends reflect a year at home


In commercial spaces, air quality has been a top priority since the pandemic began. It’s also becoming important to people at home, Burt says, as is water quality: At this year’s virtual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, panelists spoke about the growing interest in built-in water purification systems for kitchens.

People are also cooking more than ever before, Freeman says, and many of his clients are using money they’re not spending on travel and restaurant meals to invest in serious kitchen renovations.


Those working and schooling at home on Wi-Fi-dependent devices are noticing that they’re consuming more energy, so energy efficiency is becoming a priority.

“People are driven by what they see on their energy bills,” Burt says.

Adding insulation and swapping out inefficient appliances saves money, but it also has the added benefit of helping the environment.

With plenty of time to sort through attics and closets, we’re clearing out things we don’t need, Cini says, and thinking more carefully about what we want to own.

We’re filling our homes with things that make us happy, Freeman says. Rather than hurrying to decorate a room, his clients “want to actually take time to buy things that are beautiful, that are well made.”