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6 Highpoint Market Furniture Trends To Watch in 2023

6 Highpoint Market Furniture Trends To Watch in 2023

If you are considering investing in furniture in 2023, I’d consider these trends when purchasing. Be sure to take note of what I have to say about curvy furniture. Some may be a more fleeting look and other types might be more timeless.

Here are more trends I spotted at Highpoint Market this fall.

  1. Bouclé fabric is still seen, but not as widespread as the last several markets.

  2. Curves are still a”round”. 🙂 80’s style

  3. The capsule shape is still coming on strong in all types of furnishings.

  4. Busts or face motifs are still popular.

  5. Multiple or bunching coffee tables and ottomans look like a good idea.

  6. Burl wood furniture seemed more apparent.

Bouclé Fabric Not Seen Quite as much

Bouclé was still used some, but not as much as in the last few markets. I think it is great used in smaller doses. It was nice to see upholstery in fabrics other than this textural white look.

The curved, mod style of Dovetail Furniture goes well with this fabric and they had it on a lot of their pieces. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

I really like bouclé used in smaller doses in a room. In these spaces it was used on stools, ottomans and pillows. Just enough!

Round ottoman in bouclé in a traditional vignette. Highpoint Market

These two X based stools look great in a bouclé in a coastal look. Highpoint Market


I like these two bouclé lumbar pillows seen in the Gabby showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Curvy Furniture is alive and well for now

This showroom blew me away. All Brazilian-made furniture with beautiful woods, natrual finishes and curvy forms. Roberta Schilling, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


A curved sectional, like this one at Lexington Furniture, can be just the right choice for some living spaces. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Dovetail Furniture has lot of mod, curvy looks. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Every showroom that carries upholstery has a swivel tub chair something like this. I don’t see this going out of style in the next 10 years. It is truly a useful piece of furniture and the curves work well with a swivel.

A popular chair these days is the swivel in a tub chair shape. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


These round accent chairs are cute. Highland House, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


I really love these new dining chair intros from Designmaster Furniture. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


This new intro, a curved-corner coffee table from Woodbridge, reminds me of an 80’s style. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

This wavy look console was a new intro in the Artistica showroom.

Wave front console at Artistica showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


A beautiful wood accent chair with a wavy ladder back caught my eye in the Julian Chichester showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


This amoeba shape is popular. I can see this working with curved sectionals really well. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

A lot of the more contemporary, large bulbous curves might be out of style in 5 years or look dated, but I think these subtle curves will be timeless.

Buffet console with slightly curved front in the Highland House showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


This curved front sofa would accommodate people of varying heights nicely. Rowe Furniture, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Capsule Shape is Still Showing up in All types of furnishings

We haven’t had enough capsule shape, so I’m here to show you more! I first noted this in my Highpoint trip in 2021 and find this a shape that is very adaptable to many furniture styles and types.

I saw several capsule coffee tables and thought how that shape would be perfect for someone with young children. I have my own harrowing accident memory with one of my children and a coffee table corner that still comes back to haunt me!

New bench from Woodbridge Furniture in acrylic and brass. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


This smallish capsule table would fit anywhere. Great for small spaces. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Wood capsule table perfect for small space living and toddlers who might run into corners! Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


More capsule mirrors on the market, these from Regina Andrew. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Capsule shaped dining table from Dovetail Furniture Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Love this more traditional look ottoman / bench at Mr. and Mrs. Howard for Sherrill Furniture in a capsule shape.

Capsule shape ottoman bench at Sherill Furniture. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Capsule mirror with textural framing at Mr. Brown Home. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Capsule shape in bookshelves at Regina Andrew. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Busts and Face motifs still popular

I made note of this trend after my last trip to Dallas Market. These can be whimsical or classical in style. Either way, they add personality to a home.

More new colorful, sculptural busts from Abigails Home Decor booth. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Decorating with busts in the Sherrill showroom, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


There are lots of busts and accessories with faces in the Global Views showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Pillows with faces too in the Global Views showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


These plates make a fun and sytlish plate wall, from Abigails Home Decor booth. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

I saw several vintage busts in the Antique and Design Center at Highpoint Market. I love comparing what is shown there with what is coming out as new in the furniture showrooms. 🙂

Vintage marble bust in the Antique and Design Center. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Multiple or Bunching Coffee tables and Ottomans

I saw lots of instances of two or more coffee tables/ottomans in seating groups.

Not sure if that was just for display, but I like the concept. Many times, especially with sectionals, you have people that want a footstool and some that don’t. I actually have a grouping of four square ottomans in my own home and love the versatility they provide.

It also helps fill up a room. There are limited selections of huge coffee tables and sometimes the room warrants it. Doing multiples can solve that dilemma.

Love the organic large scale of these walnut coffee tables in the Roberta Schilling showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


I like the idea of two long ottomans here instead of one. They can be pushed together or spread out, whatever is needed. Rowe Furniture, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Multiple coffee tables or ottomans at the sofa can give you options and help you adapt to different needs.

Three small accent tables work will as coffee tables in this vignette with a sectional sofa. Rowe Furniture, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


These geometric shapes really make a design statement on their own in the Arteriors showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Love this large table with a small round nestled in. It looks great and then you have this extra little table to move around where needed. Noir Furniture, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Rowe Furniture, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Coffee tables designed to nest together offer flexibility in arrangements and can be broken up and used in different seating areas if needed. Arteriors, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Finding a single coffee table that fills this space would be difficult. Using two smaller ones is a great option. Rowe Furniture | Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


These unusually shaped coffee tables are better as a pair. Roberta Schilling showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Nesting coffee tables from Universal Furniture. carlaaston.com

These marble tables can be used alone or as a group, from Universal Furniture. carlaaston.com

Burl Wood Furniture Seems To Be More Evident

Burl wood furniture pieces can really fit in anywhere with almost any type of style room. To me, they are rather like the “animal print” of casegoods furniture. There is always room for at least one. 🙂

I didn’t get as many photos, but I did notice it more than I have before. I found a new showroom, Oliver Home Furnishings, that opened for business during 2020. They do burl wood in many of their wood furniture pieces in 3 different wood tones.

Oliver Home Furnishings, burl wood console | Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


This burl wood vanity at Worlds Away showroom would fit into any style of powder room. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Simple, burl wood tables fit any style, traditional, modern and anything in between. showroom. Oliver Home Furnishings, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Love the burl wood back and legs of this accent chair in the Worlds Away showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Burl wood nightstand from Highland House. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Beautiful burl wood table from Highland House. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Burl wood etagere from Villa & House, formerly Bungalow 5. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

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