June 14, 2024


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5 Amazing Ways to Refurbish your Old Furniture

Homes have things in common. From the blinds, appliances to the furniture, people possess these must-have items.

Furniture is quite an investment for people. It may be because of its invested cost. It could also be because of the invested sentimental values that it holds.

Either way, we would like our things to last long, stay accessible, and pleasing to the eyes as well.

So if you have doubts about replacing your furniture, drop it off and read down below! First off, you must confirm if your furniture is still worthy of being refurbished. You wouldn’t want to find out later that your efforts have been wasted.

Here are some of our recommended ways on how to revamp your old furniture:

Step 1: Plan Ahead

No matter what you want to do, preparation is one of the keys to obtaining success. Do not rush into detaching the pieces of your target furniture.

First things first. Assess your furniture. This includes the materials used such as foam, wood, etc.

Second, you might want to take on a serious challenge if the furniture you are about to fix is upholstered. These types are more challenging to renovate rather than wooden ones.

The third thing you must do is to check the defects you are about to improve. This phase is where you’ll get the idea of developing the whole renovation.

You will be able to identify what specific ways would you apply to achieve the outcome you want. Either you’ll do simple repainting, replacing some pieces, or go on extensive work.

Step 2: Never-ending Cleaning

You read it right! Before you start your work clean up your surroundings. Keep out your walls, floor, and blinds from the furniture.

Work in an open area and prepare a mat to prevent other messes from clinging to the floor. Prepare the materials you will be needing right close to you.

What to do after? Another cleaning! This time, you shall be needing to clean the furniture itself. This includes dusting it off and keeping out bugs that may have caused some of its defects.

There are applicable chemicals available to extract and kill intruders. They won’t be able to pester your furniture again.

Step 3: Start your work

  1. Repair and Fill

For do-it-yourself projects, scratches and holes can be amended. You may use fillers like spackling paste.

Don’t worry, these are available in different colors to match the material used in your furniture! This way, your furniture will be spotless and as good as new.

  1. Refinishing Luster

If your plan is only to relive the furniture’s color as the rest of it is still in good condition, you could either choose to repaint, varnish or wax it out to bring back its old sparkle.


If you plan to repaint the furniture, make sure to sand it out using sandpaper. This will remove the old paint which is important so that the new layer wouldn’t be easily worn off.

Do not forget to dust it off after so that there won’t be any crumb of paint formations after.

Often paints for furniture could either be acrylic or chalk paint. Your pick should depend on whether to achieve more durability and make the furniture look new. For old classy designs, use chalk paint.


Another way is to use the oldest method – waxing. This method is specialized for wood repairs. Not oy that you can choose in a variety of colors of wax, it also creatively protects the furniture from moisture.


There are still many choices to consider. Varnishing is perhaps the most common way of revamping old furniture. This process is easy and not time-consuming.

Vinyl Paper

For modern styles, you can also wrap the furniture in the vinyl paper. Not only that there is a wide range of options to choose from but also it could hide damaged surfaces.

 This process is done with ease. All you have to do is to make sure that the surface is clean. Handles and protruding portions should be kept away. Don’t forget about the air bubbles.

Finally, you can fix your furniture placement that would heighten its new look. You could also place blinds that would match its style and color preference. Blinds help to promote privacy and other benefits. There are types such as curtain blinds and blackout blinds for your convenience and liking. These blinds differ in their functionality to suit your needs.

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