June 16, 2024


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10 (Basically) Free Ways to Refresh Your Home Right This Second

So you’re craving a design refresh at home. Join the club. But if new furnishings and decor aren’t in the cards anytime soon, may we suggest these ten genius little styling tips? All of ‘em cost little to nothing and deliver MAJOR impact.

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Tired of your tabletops? Use linens, blankets, textiles, scarves, saris, whatever to transform tables into boho-meets-preppy statement pieces.

From family photos to framed pieces, swap in some new eye candy. On a budget? Acquire new “artwork” by scouring magazines and/or cutting photos from all those coffee-table books you never read. (We won’t tell if you won’t.)

Move your headboard to another wall. “Float” your living room furniture into a lounge setup. Trade accent pieces from room to room. Not sure where to start? Consult our feng shui beginner’s guide.

Your mom’s old transferware platter that’s been hiding in the pantry since 2002? It would make a gorgeous letter tray on your desk. Ditto vintage glasses as vases, antique bowls as key drops…you get the idea.

Think: A serving bowl filled with clementines; a candy dish filled with peppermints. Boom. Your place is basically photo-shoot ready.

If you don’t need drapes for privacy, try going without them for a sunny, new perspective. They probably need a good cleaning anyway.

This pro tip doesn’t work for every type of rug, of course. But most natural fiber and oriental rugs look great when flipped. More soft and muted—and wear-and-tear free!

Tack them down in an orderly fashion or buy some inexpensive wire covers. White space = peace of mind.

Go cooler and brighter (higher Kelvin numbers) or warmer and softer (lower Kelvin numbers) to cast a whole new glow and co
lor on your space.

We don’t care how organized you are. Nearly every surface in every home will benefit from a deep stuff purge. Our advice? Shoot to have 90 percent of your surfaces free and clear.

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