May 23, 2024


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You Can Design Your Own Handmade Wood Recipe Book for Less Than $25 on Amazon

Wood Store personalized recipe notebook

Wood Store personalized recipe notebook

As a home chef myself, especially during recent lockdowns, my housemate and I have developed a number of recipes—all of which we’ve misplaced, either as accidentally tossed scrap paper or in the ether of the digital cloud. If you or your loved ones are anything like us, we should all consider revisiting Tidying Up on Netflix…or just grab one of these pretty, handmade recipe binders at Amazon for less than $25.

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Crafted from real wood, these recipe binders are fully customizable. They can be engraved with a message of your choice, which is particularly special if it’s a gift for a home chef you know. If it’s not, go ahead and get your own name carved big and proud for your own special recipes. Speaking of, there are five different page styles and colors to choose from, including white grid paper, pre-designed recipe templates, and even bright red unlined pages. It also comes in three different sizes, from 6″ by 7″ to 10″ by 12″, and can be stained in one of three different shades: light wood, gray, and walnut.

Wood Store personalized recipe notebook

Wood Store personalized recipe notebook

To buy: $25,

Reviewers are amazed by the unexpected quality of a customizable wood recipe binder priced so low. “I love the look of this, the texture, the smell! It is perfect!” one pleasantly surprised shopper said. “An exquisite and practical piece of art,” raved another. “The woodwork is very nicely done, including the spine where the wood flexes. The cover is subtle and smooth, and feels professional…I got this as a gift to my girlfriend for Christmas.”

What if you’ve already got your recipes organized all in one place? Design your wood binder to be a guestbook, bedside journal, sketchbook, or anything else you could need. For $25 and seemingly endless possibilities, this is one Amazon Handmade find that I’m very excited about.