April 18, 2024


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Why men should take care of their nails as women do

Why men should take care of their nails as women do

Taking care of your nails is a proper hygiene practice, and it has nothing to do with being a male or female; it’s for everyone. In fact, it may even be more important for men to take care of their hands than women in Beauty Plus Salon. This is because most men engage in jobs that require manual labor, meaning they use their hands a lot, which leads to rough calluses and dry hands, according to Beauty Beauty Reviews.

Men also want to look their best when they take pictures to post on Instagram or go for dates, interviews, work or in their general life. Nail care goes beyond making them look good through decors. It’s a matter of making sure that your hands are infection-free and your skin stays soft, healthy and smooth. Here are some reasons why you should consider men’s manicure in your grooming routine.

Dry skin and cuticles

When you moisturize your hand daily, you stand the chance of keeping your nails and hands in top condition to protect you from dry skin. It could also help to defend against calluses your hands are more prone to when exposed to friction. If you want to moisturize your cuticles and hands, you need to invest in cuticle oil and hand cream. It doesn’t take much to quickly massage using some hand lotion; it’s even much faster to drop cuticle oil onto your cuticles. Having healthy hands is not just only essential for having a smooth handshake; it also makes you look and feel fantastic.

Nail Discoloration

There are many things that could cause discoloration in your nails. Your nails could turn yellow as signs/symptoms of some sort of infection. They could also turn black, indicating iron deficiency, especially if you just closed your fingers in a door. If you notice any discoloration in your nails, it’s time to see a nail specialist as it could be as a result of many other factors.

Peeling Nails

This is caused when you spend too much time in water and get dried out. Peeling nails can lead to more severe conditions. It could lead to infections, warping or discoloration. You can avoid this condition by moisturizing regularly and using cuticle oil to keep them hydrated. Moisturizing is the solution to peeling nails. Therefore moisturize as often as possible.

Some myths that prevent men from taking care of their nails as women

  • Most feel saloons are only meant for women
  • They feel they will be judged negatively for engaging in pedicure and manicure

Male nail care has become popular in recent years, and men are getting regular pedicures and manicures. It is no longer a women’s practice anymore. Leading the way in men’s pedicure and manicure includes the likes of David Beckham and Kobe Bryant. Clan nails and hands will do a lot of wonders in your images on Instagram and for your self-confidence. You’ll never find yourself hiding your nails again because they don’t look good. Rather you’ll be flaunting it around.