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Weekend Reading 11.20.22 | Centsational Style

Weekend Reading 11.20.22 | Centsational Style

Yesterday was sunny so I went on a long walk on the beach, it was gorgeous looking at all the white sand and the blue waters of the Gulf. In contrast, today it’s cold and raining, so I turned on the electric fireplace and made some peppermint tea. My family arrives tomorrow for a week of celebration and I’m so excited to have us all back together, cooking, playing games, and watching movies. I have a few gift ideas to share tomorrow and Tuesday then I’m taking time to be with family.

If you’re looking for a good series, I watched The Empress and loved it! It’s a great story for those who like European period pieces and it’s based on real royals, although I read they took some liberties as shows these days often do. I’ve been working on a few remodeling projects behind the scenes that I’ll be sharing in December with more holiday related content. Meanwhile….

Favorite links from the week:

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