July 20, 2024


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Stylish small living room designs

Stylish small living room designs

Picture of a living room with beige tones and wooden furniture

Unlock the full potential of a small living room by optimising your space and adapting its style to a more functional one. Don’t think you have to compromise on design or on other important aspects such as storage space! We’ve gathered a few stylish ideas that will turn any limited space into a classy living room design.

And don’t worry about allocating big budgets to this project. We’ve prepared design tricks that will make your living room feel bigger, no matter what you’re looking to spend. From how to place your furniture to how to find the right lighting, check out the following tips on how to make the most of a small living room.

It’s not magic; it’s just smart styling and layout planning.  

1. Smart lighting

Picture of a living room with green walls and blue chair

Opting for lighting that can be attached to your walls or hung from above not only saves floor room, but creates a feature in your living room as well. This is a clever way to create the perfect ambience in your living room without giving up on floor space.

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2. Right sofa choice

Picture of a living room with a mirror and large beige sofa

The right sofa will help you section off your living room and create a cosy space to entertain and relax in. Selecting a sofa that perfectly fits your living room will ensure the space is used effectively without compromising on style.

3. Vertical storage

Picture of a living room with vertical shelving

Vertical shelving and cupboards are far better space savers than freestanding storage. That’s why they’re ideal for small living rooms, as no space will be wasted.

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4. Wall paint

Picture of a living room with furniture and white walls

Choosing light colours for your living room walls will instantly enhance the size of the space. Neutral, pale tones such as white, cream, and grey will help to keep your living room colour scheme light, airy and open.

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5. Mirror placement

Picture of a living room with a large mirror and sofa

Mirrors can help you create the illusion of space by opening up your living room and adding light and dimension. An oversized mirror will reflect the light in your space, doubling up your interior living.

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