July 18, 2024


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Sapphire Cove Homes have what buyers want

Sapphire Cove Homes have what buyers want

A survey published in a recent issue of Kiplinger Today newsletter lists the top features that buyers want in a home, and  FL Star includes those in homes they build at Sapphire Cove, an intimate community of single-family homes in South Naples.

“People today are focusing on a lifestyle that revolves around home life,” said Gary Hains, vice president of FL Star, developer of Sapphire Cove. “Many of the features that buyers mention are items that contribute to convenience, and they are features that are part of our home designs. Some of these are now common, but there are many that buyers see as special incentives to purchase a home at Sapphire Cove.”

At the top of the list, more than 90 percent of home buyers indicate they want a dedicated laundry room, while 89 percent look for energy efficiency in their new home.