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Optimise your profile with certificates

Optimise your profile with certificates

And, that it tells homeowners that you’re insured

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Your profile page has the power to show homeowners that you are reliable, responsible, and the tradesperson to choose for their job. We can now display an “insured tradesperson” certificate if you send us your insurance policy schedule – find out more below.


This article will help you get your profile certificates in tip top shape, including showing “insured tradesperson” status.

Go straight to – What do I need to do to get an Insured Tradesperson certificate?

Homeowners tell us that the certificates on tradespeople’s profile pages are very important when they’re choosing a reliable business. And, according to a survey we did in May 2022, 94% say they’d be more likely to hire a tradesperson if they knew they were properly insured.

We can put an “Insured Tradesperson” certificate on your Rated People profile, provided you send us proof of your insurance. Or, we can introduce you to Rated People Insurance Services, powered by MGAM**, who can offer a competitive quote – you can find more info here if you’re interested.

Do you have all the appropriate certificates on your Rated People profile?

You should make your Rated People profile page as compelling to homeowners as possible. So, make sure it displays all the appropriate certificates for your business:

  1. Part P – The regulatory standard for domestic electrical work.
  2. Gas Safe – The official register of businesses that are legally allowed to carry out gas work.
  3. SafeContractor – The recognised accreditation scheme checking whether tradespeople meet the necessary requirements around health and safety, equal opportunities, diversity and environmental management.
  4. Trustmark – The government-endorsed scheme for trade work.
  5. Insured Tradesperson – A Rated People profile certificate for tradespeople who have insurance with a third party.
  6. Rated People Insurance certificate – A certificate for tradespeople who are insured through Rated People Insurance Services.

If you’re missing any relevant certificates, get them sorted now:

For Part P, Gas Safe and SafeContractor, just log into your Rated People account, go to “Web Profile” and click “Add” next to the relevant certificates.

View of tradesperson's web profile with highlights of where to add certificates.

For Trustmark, contact our customer services on 0203 510 5260 or use the contact us form.

To add anInsured Tradesperson” certificate, if you are insured with another insurer, send us a copy of your insurance policy schedule and we’ll put a certificate on your profile. The “schedule” is normally the first page of your policy document that summarises your cover – you can find out more below.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rated People Insurance Services, head here.

What do I need to do to get an Insured Tradesperson certificate?

That’s easy. Save your policy schedule as a PDF (if it isn’t already), read the below info and hit the button to send it to us. Providing it contains all the details we need, we’ll upload the certificate to your profile.

Insurance Policy Schedule on a clipboard, on a wooden desk, surrounded by tools.

Whatever insurance package you have, you must have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for us to display your certificate. If you’re not sure why you need PLI, it’s the cover that your customers and trade bodies are most likely to ask for evidence of. PLI gives you protection from costs if your customer or any member of the public claims to have suffered a loss due to damage to their property or injury as a result of incidents that occur in connection with your business activities. It could be as simple as water damage to a carpet because of a leak you’ve accidentally caused.

Not sure what you need to send?

Your insurer probably emailed you your schedule when you bought the policy. If it helps identify the document, the key info we need is: 

  • Your name and/or business name
  • Name of insurer
  • Your policy number
  • Policy start and end date – You must be currently covered by your policy
  • The trade(s) you are covered for – This must cover your Rated People registered trade
  • Your public liability indemnity limit
  • The premium you paid for your policy


To find out if you have the right insurance in place and learn more about Rated People Insurance Services.

**MGAM Limited is registered in England and Wales (No. 09742763). Registered office: Walsingham House, Ninth Floor, 35 Seething Lane, London, EC3N 4AH. Rated People Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of MGAM Limited (FCA No. 655740) who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out insurance distribution activities. Rated People Insurance Services is a trading name of MGAM Limited. Rated People Insurance Service policies are arranged and administered by MGAM Limited (FCA No. 835270).