June 16, 2024


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Mambo’s Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

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In modern homes, space is usually a luxury. In tight quarters, we need to become more innovative with the ways in which we utilise our everyday living areas. Storage is a big part of making the most of our rooms. So, if you’re battling with smaller spaces and lots of things, look at these innovative storage ideas from Mambo’s. 



When you have a system, that’s when things can feel more orderly. When there is a home for everything and everything has its own special place at the end of the day, you can feel less overwhelmed by clutter that piles up in unexpected spaces. Make organisation a priority. Do a little every day and avoid a total state of chaos.

Get the right tools to organise your life. Plastic containers, crates, drawers and more are useful items to invest in. These are particularly great for smaller miscellaneous items in your home. Things like hair accessories, sporting goods, toiletries and even cleaning supplies can be neatly stowed away in one of these versatile storage options.

Group things together

In small spaces, you need to break it down even further. Group similar items in smaller containers that can be stored away together or stacked in a convenient spot. Tall cupboards are perfect for stacking containers away – out of sight and out of mind. Utilise those far-to-reach cupboard space at the back of your empty closet or high above your kitchen cabinets. Here you can group items according to function and create neat storage in spaces that would otherwise not be utilised.



Think Like A Minimalist

Less is more and if like us, you don’t like clutter, then it’s time to think and act like a minimalist. This means keeping only the essentials and limiting excess in your environment. Invest in storage that can double as decor or a functional furniture piece. A wooden toy chest could double as decor or as a seat at the end of a bed. Such versatile options make design more fun and can help to maximise storage at the same time!

Use the Space Under Your Bed

Think out of the box about the spaces in and around your home you can use as storage. Do you have unutilised space under the bed? Why not get flat plastic containers and use them to store your seasonal clothing or linen. Simply slide these in and out under your bed as you need them. The room will not feel overly cluttered as these will be out of sight!

No matter the size of your home or office, there are simple and effective solutions to help you create a stylish space. Visit Mambo’s Storage and Home and find the right tools to help you get organised today.