April 18, 2024


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Justin Bieber Gave a Sneak Peek Inside His Closet

Over the past several weeks, Justin Bieber has been sheltering in place with his wife, Hailey Bieber, at their home in Ontario, Canada. The duo recently started their very own Facebook show together, simply titled, “The Biebers on Watch,” which airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The series offers a glimpse at how the two are entertaining themselves under lockdown. They have done everything from cooking meals to playing Jenga together. You know, normal people stuff.

On May 11, Justin posted a new selfie on Instagram that gave yet another sneak peek inside their life at home. In the photo, the singer — who released a new song, “Stuck with U,” with Ariana Grande this week — is seen posing in front of a mirror inside his giant walk-in closet. Justin wears black shorts and a red stickman hoodie, an official piece of merch from Billie Eilish, who herself is a self-confessed Belieber.

It’s not the first time the Biebers have shown their love for Eilish through fashion, either: in April, both stars wore Billie Eilish hoodies while chilling on the couch; Hailey had worn the exact same red hoodie that Justin slipped into this week. (Looks like this couple shares a wardrobe.)

Rather unsurprisingly, the singer’s closet is a streetwear lover’s dream. Directly behind him is a monogrammed red Louis Vuitton x Supreme skateboard trunk, a piece so coveted that it’s selling for over $100,000 on eBay. On the racks behind that, tons of graphic shirts and tees can be seen hung up meticulously, and some of that enviable collection presumably includes Drew House, the streetwear brand he designs and wears exclusively. Hats and sunglasses lay around, too, just begging to be put on. Here’s hoping that a virtual closet tour is in the works.

This story was originally published by Vogue.

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