June 20, 2024


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Is The Home Depot Open On The Fourth Of July 2022? Their Store Hours Are As Follows

Did your grill suddenly go kaput during arguably one of the biggest barbecue holidays of the year? Is your lawn mower suddenly on the fritz as you’re trying to mow the backyard so it looks immaculate for your Fourth of July guests as they eat your delicious holiday spread in the backyard? It may be time to hit The Home Depot for an emergency run. But if it’s the actual Independence Day holiday, you may be wondering about Home Depot’s Fourth of July hours. We know The Home Depot has some killer sales and deals to celebrate the Fourth, but what if you have an outdoor emergency and you need to get a new part for your lawnmower or your grill ASAP?

Thankfully, The Home Depot has got you covered.

Home Depot’s Fourth of July hours

The Home Depot will be there for you even on Independence Day with their regular hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Plenty of time to realize your grill is malfunctioning, or you need to buy extra patio chairs, and you can still save the Fourth of July.

Home Depot’s Fourth of July deals

The store’s “top picks” for their Fourth of July sale include the RYOBI20 inch 13 Amp Electric Walk Behind Lawn Mower for $230, a $99 savings on a bathroom vanity top with white basin, a 20% savings on a ductless mini spilt air conditioner with heat pump, and a whopping $249 off of a brushless cut-off angle grinder, a brushless recipro saw, and a bonus grease gun bundle. You’ll also find plenty of appliance savings on The Home Depot website.

If you have a grill, lawn mower, or seating emergency on the Fourth of July, fret not. Head over to your closest Home Depot to grab what you need, and perhaps even snag some of their Fourth of July deals while you’re there.