July 20, 2024


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How to prepare your home for a cat

How to prepare your home for a cat

Picture of two cats in a small house shaped cat bed

Did you know that cats have been kept as pets in Britain since Roman times? We have a long history of being a feline loving nation! But bringing a cat (or two!) into your home does take some preparation.

These are some home adaptations to consider to make your home cat-friendly while still being trendy.

How to find a pet your family will love

If you’re thinking of getting a pet cat, there are some criteria you need to meet to ensure you can provide them with a feline-friendly home. First, where will you get your cat from, a breeder or a rescue centre? What information can they tell you about the characteristics of the cat so you have a better idea of their specific needs? For example, some cats need regular grooming while others are more self-sufficient.

Food, litter, accessories and vet bills can add up quickly. It’s best to do some budgeting beforehand so you know what to expect. There are different expenses when getting an outside cat compared to an inside one. You might need to install a cat flap to give them easy access outside. However, outdoor cats probably need fewer scratching poles and other accessories because they’re exploring outside.

You’ve got plenty of options for ways you can adapt your home to meet the needs of your cat.

Cats and kittens

Picture of a kitchen lying on a cat climbing wallscape

While cats are cute, cuddly and often very sleepy, they are still animals! This means they need space to follow their animal instincts like roaming, climbing and scratching their claws. To avoid any accidental destruction, invest in scratching poles for your cat.

Design a cat play room

A cat playroom is the perfect place to let your cat be a cat without ruining anything. Fill it with climbing equipment, scratch posts and even old furniture that you don’t mind getting scratched up. If you need help clearing out a room for this, check out the cleaning and waste disposal services available on Rated People.


Create exploring nooks

Picture of a cat on a wooden table

If you’re working with less space, a corner or wall with a cat house for them to climb, scratch and nap in would also work well. With clean, odour-free litter boxes, you don’t have to worry about the smell affecting the rest of the house.

Enable easy access outside

Outdoor cats like their independence! So, make sure you create easy access points for them to go on their adventures. This could be the traditional backdoor cat flap if you have a back garden. If your home’s layout allows for roof exploring, consider getting a smart cat flap on the top floor.

How to make your home cat-friendly

Picture of a cat in a cat booth in a living room

The nature and needs of your cat will become apparent when you welcome them into your home. However, there is some preparation you can do to ensure they settle in well, such as accommodating for their animal instincts and basic needs. If you’re ever in any doubt, consult your vet or local animal welfare charity. For expert support in turning your home into a cat haven, get in touch with a local tradesperson.