July 18, 2024


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Hedge Your Bets: How Hedging Can Improve Your Home

Hedge Your Bets: How Hedging Can Improve Your Home

When you want to improve how your home looks, or even increase the value of the property as a whole, you may be unsure of where to start. Making changes both inside and outside of the building can be a good idea, to ensure that everywhere is up to standard. When focusing on the exterior of your home, you may want to think about how planting hedges could be used to make your home feel more secure, as well as be a nicer place to live.

Create Boundaries

A lack of boundaries around your home could lead to people walking on your property, either as a shortcut or by genuine mistake. At the same time, this could also make your garden unsafe for children or pets to spend time in, especially if located near a busy road. Using instant hedges from Hedging UK can allow you to create obvious boundaries that prevent people from entering or leaving your property with as much ease as before. You might also want to combine these with the installation of a secure, childproof gate to allow access for permitted individuals. 

Make It Difficult For Criminals

Some people may think that large hedging can be a great idea. While this can stop you from being seen within your home and garden, it may also provide cover for criminals to hide in, especially if they are attempting to enter or exit your home. The use of some types of hedges can make things very difficult for burglars. Not only could they still be seen when on your property, but certain spiky or full types of hedging may not allow someone to hide. Should they still try to use these to hide or escape, there may be a higher likelihood of evidence being left behind, in the form of items or even blood from scrapes, which could increase the chances of the person being caught.

Reduce The Noise From Traffic

When you live near a main road, or even in a city, it can be frustrating to hear the sounds of traffic all day long. Rather than accepting this, you could use dense hedging to try and dull some of the noise. When doing so, you might want to pick a variety that is rather full and bushy, to offer maximum protection. At the same time, these can also help with the reduction of air pollution, and offer more to the environment around you. It’s important to note that you may not be able to completely remove the sounds, especially if large or fast vehicles tend to go by, but it could significantly improve your living conditions.

Finding ways to make your home better could allow you to fall in love with it all over again. One of the ways of achieving this, and creating a more environmentally friendly space, can be through planting hedges. You may want to research the different varieties to see which will be most suitable for your garden.