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(BPT) – Having a new pet is like bringing dwelling a new member of the spouse and children. Anticipation, exhilaration and joy are just a couple of the lots of thoughts you may sense when you provide dwelling a new puppy or kitten. The initially 12 months of a puppy and kitten’s lifetime is a occupied developmental period of time, both physically and mentally. There is progress, behavioral and dietary milestones to hope and prepare for. Even though it feels excellent to welcome your new companion residence, you will probable have different issues and fears, in particular about the nutritional demands of your growing pet.

Purina veterinarian Dr. Callie Harris, D.V.M., and Purina senior pet actions specialist, Dr. Annie Valuska, Ph.D., offer you their strategies and knowledge for how you can support established the basis for a healthy potential.

Early nutritional insight

By weeks 6 to 8, your kitten or puppy must get all their dietary needs from meals. To make certain your new addition will get the required everyday nutrition for their age, select pet foodstuff specially for puppies or kittens. This variation of pet food has a distinctive nutrient profile particularly crafted to support growth when compared to adult pet food items.

According to Purina pet nutritionists, it’s critical to make certain you feed your puppy dog or kitten foodstuff that is balanced with essential vitamins, this kind of as:

  • DHA – An omega fatty acid to support aid mind and vision advancement
  • Anti-oxidants – Assist guidance creating immune systems
  • Calcium and phosphorus – Will help support tooth and bones
  • Protein – Higher-high quality protein assists guidance expanding muscle groups

Most canine and cats are considered puppies and kittens until eventually they arrive at 12 months of age, so really do not switch to grownup foodstuff as well early. For dogs, smaller-breed canines will physically develop a lot quicker than large breeds. Breeds that weigh 50 lbs . or extra can get up to 18 months to arrive at maturity and ought to try to eat a significant-breed pup food items. Be certain to constantly discuss to your vet if you have concerns.

“Factoring in your puppy’s breed size is essential to take into consideration when picking out a dog food,” said Harris. “Large breed puppies have a higher possibility of creating joint issues as older people. Feeding them a huge breed-specific puppy foods can aid help joint wellness and mobility into adulthood. Little breed puppies have scaled-down mouths, so they may perhaps favor the smaller sized kibble identified in smaller-breed distinct puppy formulation.”

Compared with puppies, breed is not a factor when picking kitten foods. Even so, Purina nutritionists propose feeding kittens a combination of wet and dry meals.

“In feeding your kitten a assorted eating plan of moist and dry foodstuff, you are encouraging them acquire their palate,” reported Harris. “The more wide range in your kitten’s eating plan, the a lot more adaptable they will come to be to diet regime adjustments as they age.”

Setting up a feeding schedule


Generally, for the to start with 6 months, you should give your puppy dog their daily caloric need split into 3 equivalent-sized foods. Establish a feeding plan by feeding them the similar quantity of foods at the similar periods just about every working day. Doing this can help hold their digestive process regular, which can make housetraining less difficult.


Keeping in thoughts their day-to-day calorie requires, it is important to create a wholesome feeding routine for your kitten. Cats are creatures of routine, so be certain to feed your kitten at the identical time and spot each day. Make your mind up early on regardless of whether you prepare to feed your kitten once, 2 times or three times a working day and adhere to the regimen for regularity.

Preventative treatment and socializing

Past dietary demands, it is essential to make guaranteed your pup and kitten acquire their core vaccines, deworming against frequent parasites, and commence getting preventative treatment through their to start with calendar year.

In addition to preventative care, socialization is an integral component of progress for your pet. To make absolutely sure your pup or kitten is comfy all around other people today and pets, socialization ought to start early.

“After getting their core vaccines and preventative treatment, your puppy or kitten need to be safely and securely exposed to many individuals, sites and encounters to aid their behavioral growth,” stated Valuska. “Early socialization can assistance your pet improve into a assured, properly-mannered grownup.”

With the ideal info, nutrition and treatment, you can enable established the basis for a wholesome future for your pet. For more information and facts on Purina’s encouraged pet and kitten formulation, basic recommendations and far more, pay a visit to