May 18, 2024


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Considering Adding Skylights To Your Home? Use A Professional!

Skylights have been a popular selection for owners for decades. Completed effectively, skylights look great and are an fantastic resource of natural daylight, which can contribute to lower electricity prices. Nevertheless, if there is the smallest mistake in measurements or installation and you could working with leaks. To stay clear of leaks, skylight set up is a house enhancement project ideal left to the experts.

Staying acquainted with all facets of your roof, like skylights, a roof contractor is a wonderful preference to install your skylights suitable the 1st time!

Skylights are NOT Leaky By Character

Skylight’s aren’t supposed to leak, they’re created to be set up on your roof and so are built to stand up to the factors. Most difficulties with skylights just about normally originate with a miscalculation in set up or thanks to years of neglect.

Roof Contractors prevent skylight leaks by identifying and correcting difficulty spots all through installation and with regular inspections all over the 12 months.  Armed with know-how and knowledge,  they are addressing these problems before set up, which will assure leak-no cost skylights for several yrs to appear.

The Key Bring about Of Skylight Leaks

Very poor set up is the variety one induce of skylight leaks. Skylight installation is a elaborate system with a massive wide variety of problems that can happen. However contemporary skylights have some components pre-put in (flashing for instance) creating matters to some degree less difficult, installation must be specific, even the smallest mistakes can cause leaks.

The complexity of skylight installation warrants professional focus. Anything at all significantly less and you risk several years of harmful leaks and squandered dollars.

Skylight Upkeep Immediately after Set up

Skylights aren’t a “set it & forget about it” thing. Like the relaxation of your roof, regular inspections and upkeep is essential to acquiring dilemma-cost-free skylights. The moment your skylights are in, you’ll want to preserve an eye on them and have them inspected with the rest of your roof.

You want to retain your skylights free of particles, which includes ice, snow, leaves, sticks and other issues that can hamper the drainage close to the skylight.

Distinct any debris that may create up on the roof as they result in leaks not only through the skylight but as a result of siding, free shingles, and other parts of the roof. Maintain your gutters clear for highest efficiency.


If you discover condensation on your skylight, it might not be the skylight leaking, you may merely have an improperly vented home in the house. Condensation from bathrooms or sun rooms can be managed by using dehumidifiers in these rooms or by acquiring correct air flow put in. Guarantee all rooms, particularly these vulnerable to hefty condensation functions these types of as bogs and kitchens are appropriately ventilated.

If you suspect your may well have a leaking skylight or if you are completely ready for new skylights to brighten your dwelling, in the Metro Atlanta area  call Atlanta Roofing Specialists today at 770-419-2222. You can have leak-free skylights!