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Consider a Colour on Your Ceiling: My New Obsession –

Ceilings are often overlooked as a place to inject a little colour – and it’s my new obsession. See which paint colours I’m adding to the ceilings in my new home. It’s just another way that colour makes me happy.

First, I don’t hate taupe

Since I started posting videos  on my Instagram stories of the new paint colours going up at the new house I have made a few disparaging remarks about the existing taupe in my house that is literally EVERYWHERE inside AND on the exterior too. 

First, let’s be clear, there are no colours (or neutrals) that I hate in this world. However, it’s the OVERUSE of neutrals that make me upset.

So, it must have been confusing to a lot of people because today I received this email:

I’m trying to understand why you hate taupe so much? I live in a new build-light brick (alabaster-ish color) with taupe window frames and SW taupe tone trim/ pillars/ garage door. I chose not to go with black window frames per your advice. Should the trim etc be repainted?  I feel like I made a horrible mistake!

Here was my response:

“I don’t hate taupe at all, but I sure hate the taupe in my 5100 square foot house which is literally bathed in it, inside and out, every room, every corner including the ceilings.”

If the house was entirely painted any other neutral or colour, but exactly the same, inside and out, it would be just as big of a turn-off, however it just happens to be taupe. 

Also, I don’t own any taupe decor, so all the more reason to be annoyed that EVERY SINGLE surface must be painted. 

Even the ceilings appear to be a 75% version of the taupe that’s on the walls everywhere.

Taupe, which happens to be this decade’s most chosen neutral, is warmer than all the greys and cooler than the beige world that so many people were still allergic to after the brown trend. And my home was built 11 years ago right in the middle of the grey trend.

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My obsession with painting ceilings a COLOUR

This is my my ceiling colour in my dreamy living room. The wood stained beams will be painted the trim colour. And, we have just installed crown moulding on either side (see below):

My new blue living room ceilings BM Intuition CSP-610, which is very close to SW 9055 Billowy Breeze

Also, you have to remember this is what I do. All day, everyday.

I’m having the same experience (read: allergic reaction) with BLACK.

Because I often warn my lovely followers of the perils of using too much black, I get teased if I even wear it at all.

Again, just because I’m warning you that too much black will quickly become harsh, flat and predictable, doesn’t mean that I hate black either. 

Anyway, I got to thinking, since I have no choice but to paint the all the ceilings because they were not left a versatile shade of white, I’m going to choose a colour wherever I can. After all, it costs almost the same to paint them white, so why not paint them a colour that makes people look up with delight and inquire after the shade!

The existing trim in my house thankfully does not need to be repainted, it’s similar to SW Alabaster or BM Cloud White.

SW 6820 Inspired Lilac which is closest to BM 1402 Spring Iris

Since the art from my living room is going into the primary bedroom, I specified a stronger shade of lavender for the ceiling this time, because I wimped out in the living room of my current house (it’s just the palest lavender colour below):

Also, I chose not to drywall over all the recessed lighting in my home. I will simply not be using it. There are other things I want to spend money on like decorating.  I will be installing double sconce lights in this hallway (above).

Anyway, when I arrived on the weekend and saw the hallway into my bedroom had also been painted lilac (above) I messaged my painter and asked him to ask me next time he hit a new ceiling to get my approval. 😬

After all, this could have been a different yet delightful colour too, I’m quite sure.

As human beings, whether we realize it or not, we continually crave NEW.  Everyone always thinks it’s colour marketing people who dictate the trends but it’s actually the fickle consumer who does by demanding new over and over again.

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After I talked about my painted ceilings on my stories this weekend, I received a message from a follower who said the one small room where  she painted the ceiling blue was the best part of the entire remodel. #colourmehappy

And I received another image from a reader with a pink ceiling that she felt was the best part of her bathroom (below):

Just in case you needed a reminder, I’m like your colour bestie. That means I love ALL colours and neutrals in the right context!

The best blue ceiling paint colours

Colour is happy my lovelies! If you have a white house, paint your ceilings blue, because it feels like the sky. And really, unless you really go for it like I did, no one will even notice. Here are a few of my favourite “haint blues” for your ceilings (you know, that shade of blue typically found on the ceilings of old southern porches). Make sure you PIN this for later!

haint blue ceiling colour

Become a True Colour Expert in 2023!

By the way, we just had an amazing two days with a brand new group of True Colour Experts! I was blown away by the AMAZING feedback we received from the students in last week’s class! 💛

If you want to learn how to choose colour and neutrals for finishes, decor and more –just like I do– stay tuned… I’ll announce 2023 dates soon!

The animal print blanket hanging on the right helps muffle the sound.

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