April 24, 2024


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Brussels is growing fruit and vegetables on the roofs of supermarkets

About 60 species of vegetation are getting cultivated on the rooftop garden of a Brussels grocery store, as aspect of a job financed by the European Union.

The Lagum Venture is experimenting with the idea of an urban yard and wants to decide whether or not they are sustainable or not.

Given that March, extra than 2 tonnes of fruit and veggies have been harvested.

“We look into the agronomic component of the analysis, but also we appear about the multi-functionality of these types of tasks. So there is production, indeed, but there is also schooling, and consciousness, and cohesion of the social neighbourhood,” Francisco Davila, a researcher at the agroecology lab of Vrije Universiteit, informed Euronews.

Considering that March, far more than 2 tonnes of fruit and greens have been harvested.

The undertaking aims to educate and involve community men and women in the total system and hopes to increase the life of underprivileged men and women.

“We started out to use it also with a social objective. ‘Refresh’ is a social cafe, and they use the output (the plants) for the restaurant. But we started off also to distribute that to the susceptible people,” claimed Nevruz Unal, an elected representative for metropolis renovation.

The experimental period will final for two to 3 more several years. If proven to be sustainable, this system could be exported to other rooftops in Europe.

Enjoy the comprehensive report in the video clip previously mentioned.