May 18, 2024


Body and Interior

Aston Martin designs Sylvan Rock home in New York’s Hudson Valley

Aston Martin is known for some of the most gorgeous automotive designs ever produced, but occasionally it lends that expertise to other items. Sylvan Rock, a 55-acre luxury residential resort to be constructed in New York’s Hudson Valley in partnership with New York’s S3 Architecture, is one such venture. It’s also Aston Martin’s first collaboration in the design of a private home.

Sylvan Rock will be built about 80 miles north of New York City, near Rhinebeck. Calling it a house is underselling it; even the property’s own website refers to it as a “compound.” It comprises a nearly 6,000-square foot primary residence, three guest “pods,” a pool, pool house, tree house and garden. Oh, and yes, there’s a three-car garage, but that’s not what really sells Sylvan Rock as a driver’s home. 

“Driving down a bucolic country road, enjoying the curves in the road, you arrive at an unassuming gatehouse entrance to the private driveway. Along the driveway, the property unfolds onto a secluded luxury retreat,” the promotional material enthuses.

Sounds like a nice little spot, doesn’t it? That’s straight from the description on the property web site, which is linked above. It has detailed plans and a much larger gallery of rendered images. Here are the quick specs:

  • Residence | 5,983 SF
  • 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 half baths
  • 3 car garage
  • Pool and deck
  • Pool House | 873 SF
  • Three Guest House “Pods” | 1,574 SF
  • Treehouse – Architect designed
  • Food Garden and Trails
  • Total finished spaces in compound: 8,430 SF

If you can part with a cool $7.7 million, it could be your new home away from your 17 other homes, provided you can wait until 2022, when construction will be finished. Oh, and if you have another couple hundred grand burning a hole in your pocket, Aston Martin will even throw in a new DBX in matching Onyx Black. Honestly, if you can flash the cash, I’m sure they’ll sell you as many cars as you want — or, you know, shares. They’ll even throw in a picnic basket for free. Yes, that last part is real.