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36 Insanely Beautiful Scandinavian Decorating Ideas For A Cozy Christmas

36 Insanely Beautiful Scandinavian Decorating Ideas For A Cozy Christmas


Have yourself a Scandinavian Christmas filled with layers of cozy texture, inviting warmth, and holiday traditions that will create lasting memories. If you find that your decorating style leans towards simplicity yet a beautiful style aesthetic, then it would be no surprise that the Nordic style would be your go-to inspiration.

Since Sweden has long dark days during the month of December, plenty of snowfall, and freezing cold temperatures, they make up for this with stylish holiday decor. This includes layers and layers of cozy textures, lots of lights, candles, and wonderful holiday traditions. Whether you live in a small apartment or a family home, the Nordic style can be used to warm up your space for the holidays.

When decorating for a Scandinavian-style Christmas, try using dried pine cones and orange slices for decorations and Christmas presents. Crocheted snowflakes are also nice to use in decoration — hang them in the window, on the Christmas tree, as decorations on Christmas presents, etc. 

Keep scrolling below to see our collection of stunning Scandinavian Christmas ideas that will help you to infuse some Scandi-style vibes into your home this holiday season. Below each of the images, you will get further details and links to each of the sources. Don’t forget to add your favorites to Pinterest and why you are there, be sure to follow us: https://www.pinterest.com/onekindesign/

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1. Oh Christmas Tree. This Christmas tree is in the garden room. Enamel hearts are hung on the tree that can withstand hanging outside. A “Christmas present” made of paving stones has been placed on an old wooden sled under the tree. (via @livetpalahaugen)


2. Kitchen Window Decorations. Candles in the window illuminate some festive curtains. Crotched snowflakes hang from the curtains for a fun visual effect, while vinyl decals add a festive touch to the windows. (via @janne_paalandet)


3. Christmas Lighted Houses. In the winter months in Sweden, the evenings are very dark. So there is only one thing to do, and that is to light a candle. These lighted houses decorate a shelf, which can be added anywhere in your home for some Christmas magic. The DIY Christmas wreath has a vintage feel to it. (via @livetpalahaugen)


4. Christmas Decorated Kitchen. Create a warm and cozy feel in your kitchen with red accents including your tablecloth, candles, and decorations. Layer in some traditional scents, such as gingerbread, orange with cloves, and pine. (via @skogmesterboligen)


5. Christmas Table Setting. This beautiful dining table features hanging ornaments and LED candles in place of a chandelier. A rustic wood centerpiece is adorned with small deer, pine branches (you can also use moss), candles, and a small tree. (via @sofiesfarmor)


6. Decorated Christmas Cabin. This cozy cabin in Norway features beautiful reclaimed doors decorated with wreaths. An old wooden sled is adorned with cut logs and pine branches. (via @hverdagslykkelise)


7. A Country Cottage Christmas. This dining room has an incredibly beautiful and warm Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas tree has small candle lights for a magical glow, which is repeated on the dining table. (via @livetpalahaugen)



8. White Balls And Bells. This elegant Christmas staircase is adorned with pine branches, pinecones, white bells, and ornaments. A strip of LED lights runs through the garland to provide a warm and magical ambiance in the evening time. The garland combines a natural garland intertwined with an artificial one. Hang pine cones and white Christmas decorations.


9. Plush Holiday Gnomes. These cozy gnomes in the windows provide a Christmas mood in winterland. The snowy backdrop through the window provides a magical atmosphere. (via @mitt_landlige_hjem)


10. Beautifully Wrapped Presents. Wrap your gifts in a beautiful Scandinavian style using simple elements such as evergreen clippings, string, ribbon, dried oranges, faux berries, simple tags, and kraft paper. (via @livetpalahaugen)


11. Fresh Christmas Tree. Welcome guests up to your front porch with a freshly chopped Christmas tree set in a galvanized bucket. A collection of pine branches are bundled with rope and neatly tied in a bow to hang from the doorknobs. (via @vartlillagrona)


12. Gingerbread House Display. Fun for the whole family, use a gingerbread kit or find a traditional family recipe to bake gingerbread houses, decorate them, and put them on display. These gingerbread houses will look festive on your family dessert table for Christmas. TIP: Add small LED tealight candles through an open door in your gingerbread house for a magical glow. (via @livetpalahaugen)


13. Christmas Tree With Snow. This cozy and magical atmosphere features a freshly cut tree in a basket illuminated with string lights for Christmas. A wreath, some pine branches, and a lantern add to the welcoming environment… along with a fresh snowfall! (via @nina.haug)


14. Cozy Red & White. A bench in the kitchen invites the Christmas spirit with lovely red and white decorations. Everything from checkered curtains to red and white striped pillows and a textured throw. A small lighted tree in a basket completes the warm aesthetic. (via @mitt_landlige_hjem)


15. Merry Christmas Presents. These lovely gift-wrapping ideas are inspired by snow with painted snowflakes and pompoms on the ribbons. (via @cheflovesgarden)


16. Dining Room Ornament Chandelier. This inviting dining table features natural tones for warmth. A wooden box is used as the centerpiece, filled with pine branches, pine cones, small deer, and white taper candles. A hanging branch is used as a decorative Christmas chandelier with hanging ornaments and clear glass orbs illuminated with candles. (via @sofiesfarmor)


17. Swedish Advent Calendar. Just outside the kitchen, a garland on the wall frames an “Advent Calendar” for the countdown to Christmas. Swedish tradition kicks off every Sunday at the beginning of December. Starting with the lighting of a candle, a present from the calendar is also opened by loved ones. This includes items such as socks, underwear, some sweets, and Christmas decorations. (via @livetpalahaugen)


18. Elegant Table Setting. Set your table with natural elements of fresh pine branches, pinecones, and dried orange slices. Add brass candle sticks with white pillar candles, glass stemware, white plates, and neutral napkins tied with a burlap ribbon and a pine branch. TIP: Dry the orange slices on a cookie sheet in the oven at 120° for 2-3 hours. (via @livetpalahaugen)


19. A Scandinavian Christmas. A Christmas tree decorated with red, white, gold, and touches of silver adorns this cozy living space. Layer in accents of pillows and throws for warmth. (via @mitt_landlige_hjem)


20. Scandinavian Christmas Balcony. Invite your holiday guests onto the balcony decked out with cozy textures, a beautiful garland, a wreath, and a Christmas tree. A magical atmosphere is created with lanterns and added string lights. (via @cheflovesgarden)


21. The Joy Of Christmas. Greet your guests on the front porch with a cozy collection of illuminated lanterns, a crate with chopped wood, pine branches, and old skates. (via @livetpalahaugen)


22. Dreaming Of A White Christmas. This cozy Swedish living room features plenty of warmth with throws, pillows, and fur pelts. The lighted tree adds to the holiday magic. (via @husetpaanordseth)


23. Front Yard Holiday Decoration. When decorating for Christmas, don’t forget to add a few trinkets to your yard for a festive look. This one features an old wooden sled topped with a bag filled with wrapped presents and a lighted lantern. A lighted tree serves as the perfect backdrop. (via @livetpalahaugen)


24. Cozy Christmas Vignette. A color scheme of traditional red, white and green makes this dining room display cabinet feel warm and cozy. The Norwegian girl figurine candle holder is by Carl Larsson and distributed by Candy Designs of Norway (can be found on eBay). (via @mitt_landlige_hjem)


25. Swedish Advent Candle. When it comes to Swedish Christmas festivities, many households take a moment to light advent candles, along with other family traditions. The four Sundays leading up to Christmas are celebrated by lighting a candle, for a magical and cozy experience. (via @livetpalahaugen)


26. A Snowy Nordic Christmas. This winter garden features a cozy place with seating, a fire pit, and lots of lighting. Cozy blankets and cushions will help keep guests warm and comfortable. A Christmas tree in the background adds to the magical holiday ambiance. (via @cheflovesgarden)


27. A Cozy Nordic Christmas. Vintage decorations provide a welcoming outdoor environment for the holidays. Layer in some lanterns and string lights to add a magical glow. (via @dusogsus)


28. Warm Christmas Atmosphere. This cozy living space features natural decor and minimalist Christmas tree decorations. The tree is decorated with large silver snowflakes and LED candles. Similar LED Christmas tree candles can be found on Balsam Hill. (via @marzena.marideko)


29. Christmas Candles. A cozy way to add some small decorations to your kitchen or dining table. Repurpose your favorite tea cups, layer in some holly, pine branches, or moss, a small ornament, and a candle (set in a small holder at the bottom of the cup) for ambiance. (via @mitt_landlige_hjem)


30. Cozy Winter Bedroom. Small trees, ornaments, and cozy textures decorate this bedroom. Set in a rattan basket, the large Christmas tree provides a magical atmosphere. The beautiful “Merry Christmas” print on the wall is made by @muural_. (via @marzena.marideko)


31. Christmas Magic. Beautiful ornaments and large stars and glistening lights add a festive scene to this living space. (via @alinea)


32. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree. To make this tree, here are the instructions: The height of the Christmas tree-189cm; The width of the base/bottom – 102cm; The width of the board – 14cm; An angle bar and a smaller board as a stand. Lay the planks overlapping on the floor, back to back. Lay it out on the floor and use a pencil to mark a line from the top to the base of your tree (arms of the triangle) or use a chalk line. If you like the layout of the boards, screw the whole thing together. Use a saw or a jigsaw to cut the remaining edges along the marked lines to create a triangular Christmas tree shape. Screw the angle bar to the base or make a recess for the crossbar and you’re done. Get more details at the provided link. (via @marzena.marideko)


33. Cozy Advent Calendar. This wall calendar offers a nice countdown to Christmas and a pleasant tradition. Inside you will find everything from sweets to useful things in everyday life or even things picked up on our travels. (via @hyttedesigneren)


34. A Fairytale Entrance. Light up your front porch with Christmas trees, lanterns, and garland framing the doorway. Large stars and wreaths accent the windows and door. (via @elinstad)


35. Around The Christmas Tree. The centerpiece of holiday decor. Whether natural or synthetic, traditional or innovative, with abundant or minimalist ornaments, decorating it is always a magical moment. (via @alinea)


36. Swedish Christmas Gnomes. If you don’t have a fireplace, this shelf would make a wonderful alternative for hanging your Christmas stockings. Decorate with gnomes, lighted houses, and a wreath. (via @elinstad)

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