July 18, 2024


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Shaping the future, together. – SA Decor & Design

Shaping the future, together. – SA Decor & Design

Renowned global fitting specialist, Grass, and UK kitchen manufacturer, Omega, recently announced their new partnership.

The goal of the wide-ranging collaboration will be to strengthen the competitiveness of both companies, given the many obstacles, including Brexit, inflation and rising power costs, faced by all businesses today.

“Albert Einstein once said that sharing knowledge is critical for progress. Forming the right alliances for progressive furniture concepts is therefore a logical and appropriate step,” says Grass Group CEO Albert Trebo, commenting on the background of the forward-looking partnership. “Omega’s key competence is crafting quality kitchens. Our key competence is developing functional movement systems. Together, we’re a unique team of furniture specialists who can herald a new era in furniture making and marketing.” 

“Growth is only possible if you create the right conditions,” Albert notes. As such the partnership will work to enable both companies to develop new furniture concepts, manufacture optimally matched furniture elements and functional elements at competitive prices and explore new sales channels.

One question that is pertinent to both brands, and which will be explored during their partnership, is “who is our future client?”.

As Grass Global Brand Manager Harald Klüh notes: “I could imagine home living in the future as being like staying at a hotel. We shall be using fully equipped homes, rather like today’s holiday apartments. The question that arises with this vision is who will decide which furniture is placed in these apartments? Who will be the customers of Omega and Grass in the future? We intend to explore this and many other questions, and look for new solutions.”

This sentiment is shared by Albert who says that working together will enable both companies to master whatever the future may bring.

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