June 16, 2024


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Sensory Design + Inside Looking Out Gallery Apartment in Milan 2022 — decor8

Sensory Design + Inside Looking Out Gallery Apartment in Milan 2022 — decor8

This apartment, photographed by the extraordinary Giorgio Possenti, featuring a premium DUX bed, has the most serene palette and textures. I love the wall colors, and the brown ceiling, it’s divine! The mix of materials and shapes, soothing colors, and playful touches are so cleverly orchestrated. It’s important to note that it’s a gallery, so it’s not a real apartment that is 100% livable – but the overall takeaway from my perspective is how personal touches, art, harmonious color, handmade objects, natural materials, playfulness, plenty of light sources, and interesting objects can only serve to amplify any home design – all things I’ve been writing about in my books and here on my blog for 16 years – it’s what I stood by, stand by, and will always believe the most and what caused me to become an interior designer in the first place – the power interiors has over our health and well-being, how productive we are in life (or not) and how welcome we can make people feel in our homes.

SENSORY DESIGN – Start studying it, think about it, look out for it… It’s only going to get hotter.

I must add that I am a huge lover of the color green in all of its tints and tones, so I really enjoy seeing so much of it in this space.

About the designers:

Elisa Ossino is both an architect and designer. Born in Sicily and trained at Politecnico in Milan, in 2006 she established Elisa Ossino Studio focusing on interior and design, windows, set design, styling and art direction. Her work combines geometrical abstraction, monochromes, metaphysical and surrealist references. She seeks to create a coherent and allusive relationship between space, light, and objects. Essential lines and geometries are the distinctive features of her design work, giving to a space a deep scenographic feeling.

Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer is the designer and creative director of File Under Pop, specializing in surface design. She was born in Copenhagen where File Under Pop Studio was established in 2015. Unique handcrafted ceramic cotta tiles, lava stone, wallpaper and paint are designed for walls, floors and ceilings.  Her vision is to transform rooms fundamentally by dressing the many surfaces. With a musical background having founded her own band, she also studied music in New York City and worked as a choir singer for renowned Danish and international artists. Today in the world of design, her musical experience is where she draws a lot of her inspiration particularly for her color palettes, and she continuously seeks to explore the boundaries between art, architecture and interior design.

If you are in Milan, this apartment is located at: Inside Looking Out – Milan Design Week 2022H+O APARTMENT GALLERY, Via Solferino 11,3. Floor, Brera District, 20121 Milan.

(Photos: With permission, Giorgio Possenti and H+O / via Trendgruppen.)