April 18, 2024


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If You Shop at Home Depot, Prepare for This “Critical” Change, Starting Now

If you prefer to take home improvement projects into your own hands, Home Depot just might be your go-to spot. A new slogan from the retailer, “How Doers Get More Done,” speaks to this self-starter initiative, allowing you to spearhead projects without hiring a contractor or professional services. Now, Home Depot has announced a change to its business model, which any “doer” will want to take note of. Read on to find out what Home Depot recently announced, and why the change—which has already been set in motion—is considered “critical” by management.

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Home Depot launched its StyleWell brand in 2019.

While you might head to Home Depot if you need paint or a new screwdriver, you can also seek out these stores for your home décor needs.

Back in 2019, Home Depot launched its StyleWell line, which is “your source for home accents and furniture that combine quality with simple, fun designs,” according to the retailer’s website. Also describing the products as “price-conscious” and functional, Home Depot’s StyleWell line gives you that much more to shop, especially if you’re looking to achieve a trendier, more modern look for your home. Now, the home improvement store is going one step further, expanding the StyleWell line to appeal to a specific member of the family.

The StyleWell brand has a new customer in mind.

In a June 14 press release from Home Depot, the retailer announced that it expanded its online interior décor catalog to include furnishings for children. Aptly dubbed StyleWell Kids, the line offers “on-trend home décor” for the younger set, having launched exclusively on Home Depot’s website on June 2.

“As we’ve expanded the line, one of the places we were not yet playing was in the kids space,” Corinne Bentzen, general manager for Home Depot Home, told Modern Retail. “We’ve seen it resonating a lot with young adults entering into the next stage of their life. So being able to offer those products to them felt like the right next step for the StyleWell collection.”

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Kids have different products and themes to choose from.

When visiting the StyleWell Kids collection online, you can choose from 65 furnishings, including bedding and bathroom products, “designed to empower families to create a uniquely personal space for their children that still works cohesively with the rest of the home,” Home Depot’s press release stated. Décor pieces are intended to be cohesive with the overall design of your home and allow for children to enjoy and keep the furniture for years, Bentzen said in the press release.

Different StyleWell Kids design themes include Modern Princess, Dreamer, Park Ranger, Explorer, and Captain, which were developed by the retailer’s in-house design team. As Bentzen told Modern Retail, there are general associations with pink being for girls and automobiles and trucks for boys, as well as “more gender-neutral propositions,” but there are new and more modern ways to approach these concepts.

This expansion into modern, on-trend home décor is “critical.”

While the StyleWell Kids brand just launched, Home Depot is not stopping there. As Bentzen told Modern Retail, over the next 12 to 18 months, the home improvement retailer will continue to add different furniture designs to the StyleWell brand, offering more variety when shopping. The StyleWell Kids brand will also see more décor, home accents, decorative baskets, wall art, and more launch in the fall, Home Depot confirmed in the press release. Keeping up with the times—and the latest styles—is of the utmost importance for the retailer.

“We do a pretty good job right now at covering most, if not all, of the categories within the home décor space,” Bentzen told Modern Retail. “But as you know, being on trend is critical and making sure you have different styles for different personalities or regional preferences is important. So as we look at our lines, it is more about having different styles at the right value for our customers.”