Cookie artist shows off mesmerizing designs on TikTok

Kate Wojtkowski is a dessert artist who graduated from The Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch, South Africa. After working as a custom cake and wedding cake decorator for six years she launched her own custom cookie business. Now she even teaches others how to pick up the skill through her Cook University subscription box

But for those who much prefer watching cooking than doing it, Wojtkowski’s TikTok is full of her creative confections. Her designs range from butterflies and piñatas to the more political Black power fist and American flag

To make the toilet roll, Wojtkowski starts with a bare cookie in the shape of the object. Then she traces the outline of the paper in white and filled it in. The baker carves out detail in the frosting with a precision tool. Next, she uses a stencil to add a textured pattern. Finally, she shades the sides with an airbrush. 

Meanwhile, Wojtkowski’s flag racked up 6.1 million views and became one of her most popular videos.

First, she smears white frosting over a stencil to make the stripes. Then she uses blue frosting to create the section with stars. Next, Wojtkowski goes over the white stripes with red frosting and fills in the gaps between them with white frosting. Lastly, she places the same stencil over the cookie and smears white frosting over the blue part to create the stars. 

“Me looking at this while I can barely bake a regular cookie,” one TikTok user wrote

“Most satisfying thing ever,” another said

“Why did I start crying over a cookie?” one person wrote. 

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