July 18, 2024


Body and Interior

Bo Concept: The Home Office

Every piece of furniture designed at Bo Concept over the past seven decades has been designed with purpose. Balancing form and function, the new season home office desk designs have been created to inspire productivity, ensuring they work hard for your space and your working style.

Bo Concept: The Home Office

Meet Kingston

Beauty and function combine in the Kingston desk. A light, Nordic expression that radiates softness, it’s designed with a subtle integrated drawer for the storage of your everyday office essentials.

The minimalistic yet organic oval shape of Kingston adds visual softness to any setting. Finished with smooth, rounded edges, it’s a light, elegant design that suits any space.

The Asti Desk

With a light, clean silhouette, the Asti desk suits any home office style. Featuring a crafted combination of metal and wood, with a subtle framing, this design creates an enclosed, yet open, working area.

Take a seat

Seating comfort is just as important to your productivity as your desk set-up. New season office chairs, the Hamilton office chair and the Adelaide office chair, are ergonomically designed to provide superior back support and help you remain focused.

Meet Hamilton

Classic meets contemporary in the Hamilton office chair. Designed by Morten Georgsen, organic shapes offer cocooning comfort while a slim waist offers flexible sitting comfort. Enjoy the character of Hamilton and make a statement in your home.

Meet Adelaide

The iconic Adelaide chair is all about curves, comfort and character. With a graceful, organic form and sublime comfort, this modern chair will set an elegant tone in your home. The swivel base with wheels makes this chair very flexible and able to work as both a dining chair and office chair. At the same time, the sculptured seat without upholstery highlights the clean lines and minimal form. Armrests that follow the shape of the seat add both comfort and a luxurious atmosphere to your dining room.

Create an office that inspires. Shop the look at Bo Concept.