June 20, 2024


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Beautiful Round Mirrors for Bathrooms!

A circular mirror in a moody, handsome bathroom

A circular mirror in a moody, handsome bathroom

What’s one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to instantly “dress up” your powder room? Hint: it’s not a new coat of paint, a monogrammed soap (which we recommend), or an added art piece. It’s actually you! Well…sort of. Let’s talk about our obsession with unexpected and chic round mirrors for bathrooms.

Simplicity & Style

By now you have probably put two and two together: the “you” is the person you see in your fabulous round mirror. Can the shape of a mirror really affect the mood and appearance of something like a small powder room? While style is forever subjective, around our studio we think it’s obvious that round mirrors work wonders in small bathrooms. Much like adding a new piece of art as a statement piece, a round mirror can transform a bathroom.

Take a look at this first image. The porthole style evokes seaside and ship imagery without screaming “you are in a beach house”! You can also see the reflection of the elegant white shiplap on the walls, making the room feel even larger. By utilizing the unique shape of a circle as opposed to a builder-standard mirror, you can set a custom tone for your bathroom. With one adjustment, you added ambiance, depth, and utility. Are you starting to see why we’re so obsessed with round mirrors for bathrooms?

If you aren’t into the nautical theme or you are feeling something with more impact, consider a patterned backdrop to your newest reflective orb. Due to the intricate and geometric nature of the tile (via Ann Sacks), we kept the round mirror super simple. It catches the reflection of the complimentary globe pendants beautifully. It suits the round vessel sink and plays off the marble counter top perfectly. With a composition this well constructed, who needs anything more!

Go ahead and take a risk!

What is life without a little adventure? Get playful with your use of round mirrors in your bathroom. Contrast rich wood cabinetry with a graceful round mirror….but add a gilded chain to bring a sense of elegance. This takes on the appearance of a lovely piece of jewelry. It is the perfect pairing with the natural agate hardware in the center of each door.

Beach house round mirror in the stunning powder bathroom


Gorgeous round mirror placed in a modern tiled bathroom


Glam golden round mirror in cobalt blue powder bathroom

Speaking of adventure, you can get even bolder with a patterned wallpaper and a round mirror with an ornate frame. Notice how the mirror is a quiet yet important, interruption to the over-the-top wallpaper. The injection of the gold ribboned frame doesn’t detract from the energy of the rich blue walls, it adds another fun element.

An Accent, A Statement, or a Focal Point

Another way that round mirrors can augment any powder room is by working with other bathroom decor. Notice, in this styling, how the wood step stools contrast the crisp white cabinets accented with — that’s right — round mirrors. In this bathroom, the decorative round mirror is placed over a plate glass mirror for extra layering. It is subtle enough not to overwhelm and adds a richness to an otherwise simple space. A simple, rustic feel permeates the entire room with coordinating sconces and understated cabinets, counter tops, and faucets.

Now combine everything we’ve talked about: round mirrors, layering of materials, and creating a “vibe” for the space. You can see this all in the image above. Complementing the rustic wood grain of the console and the concrete counter, the simple round mirror is gorgeous. With a wooden frame and a metal chain, it functions not only as a mirror, but as a focal point for the whole bathroom. The dual pendants enhance the entire ensemble and, voilà, we are certain you can see why we are all obsessed! Round mirrors for bathrooms are a perfect way to take any space to the next level!

Stunning hanging round mirror in an airy and neutral bathroom.



Wooden round hanging mirror placed in a natural bathroom


Beauty, simplicity, and versatility. Is there a better combination? Find more of the Laura U obsessions at our Pinterest page!


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